White German Shepherd Guide and Facts


white german shepherd
white german shepherd

It is known as the White German Shepherd is known for its plush white coat, its athletic physique, and its very high intelligence. This distinctive dog breed is born from German Shepherds and has some of the same traits but also has a recessive White Furred Coat gene.

As long as you’re not averse to some time to groom and grooming, you’ll still have an affectionate and trustworthy German Shepherd as your trusty pet.

Find out more information about this particular breed of dog and if they’re the right dog for you.


It is believed that the White German Shepherd is genetically similar to a normal German Shepherd, although it does sport an ethereal white coat. This is because it is the White German Shepherd carries the recessive white-furred gene that’s similar to humans with a recessive-haired gene with a blonde.

The color did not stick so this color was never popular. White German Shepherd never became as well-known as the other colors of German Shepherds.

It is believed that the German Shepherd is the second-most registered breed, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). They are highly sought-after working dogs that are renowned for their duties as military dogs and herding dogs. They also are very well-liked dog breeds due to their devotion to family and protection.


To comprehend the White German Shepherd’s origins, we need to examine the German Shepherd’s breeding history. It was Von Stephanitz who spotted the German Shepherd at a dog exhibition and decided that this breed was the ideal choice for a dog that could work.

The dog he adopted was one of the dogs and gave them the name “Horand” and then created the “Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde” The Society for the German Shepherd Dog.

Horand became the very first breed standard to be used for The German Shepherd breed and was bred along with dogs of similar appearance to produce German Shepherd litters. It is believed that they first been introduced to the United States in 1906 and were officially recognized as a breed standard by AKC around 1908.

The White German Shepherd is not recognized by the AKC because the white color doesn’t match the American kennel club’s breed standard for the German Shepherd. But, this doesn’t prevent any white German Shepherd dog from being bred and being classified as a distinct breed in the United Kennel Club.

white german shepherd puppy
white german shepherd puppy


White German Shepherds share several of the same traits as the other breeds of German Shepherd. They come in litters of five to ten pups and range from $750-$1000.


White German Shepherd puppies look like fluffy balls of fluff. They are adorable! They grow quickly and attain 50 percent of their adult size usually around 4 months. At the age of 1 year, they will be their adult size.

Always purchase from a reliable breeder as sometimes breeders attempt to pass off German Shepherd mixes for pure German Shepherds that are white.

It is believed that the White German Shepherd can weigh between 50-and 85 pounds. A male can weigh more than a female. The White German Shepherd is classified as an enormous breed of dog and can be found standing between 22 and 26 inches when they are shoulder-to-shoulder. Females, too, are generally smaller than males.

They are a very strong and athletic breed. It isn’t a surprise considering they were developed for their ability to work. They are robust and have a strong posture, and have erect ears. The feet of these dogs are large too even as puppies!


A White German Shepherd has two distinct coat types short coat and long coat. If you’re White German Shepherd has a long coat, it’s likely to be longer than other German Shepherds of the breed. The fur is long and straight and requires some grooming. We will provide more details on that later.

A puppy typically, coats are extremely fluffy. The texture gets more coarse as they grow older However, their ears are soft. The coat they wear is double-coated, which protects against harsh storms or rain.


Of course, that coat of the White German Shepherd is white! This is the reason they are distinct and exceptional breeds. The recessive gene for white coats affects only the color of their fur and does not influence their eye or skin color.

This makes identifying a White German Shepherd very simple and is also very similar to their Wolf ancestors. In all other aspects, they have the appearance of a normal Tan German Shepherd with the same dark brown eyes.


It is the White German Shepherd, as are all German Shepherds are famous as loyal. They are extremely protective and make great Guard dogs or even watchdogs. They’re also extremely loving and devoted to people, making them an ideal family dog and a great working dog.

Because they’re very cautious, socialization has to happen as they could become hostile towards people they don’t know and attempt to defend themselves. They might also yell at strangers, but that’s simply because they want to defend themselves!

The White Shepherd is an active dog that needs to be kept mentally active. As we’ve mentioned earlier they’re initially working dogs and enjoy running outside and playing. They do not like being left to themselves and do not like being confined in small spaces, they are prone to becoming discontent and destructive.


The lifespan of a White German Shepherd is relatively long. They live from 12 and 14 years old.

white german shepherd
white german shepherd


As with all dog that is a part of the family, a White German Shepherd can indeed be susceptible to health issues. The majority of the health issues they tend to suffer from are the same issues that others varieties that comprise German Shepherd deal with.

The most frequent health issue in those who own the German Shepherd dog breed is hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Dysplasia is an illness that occurs in large breeds of dogs. It is a result caused by a deformity of joints. Joints can become extremely painful, and they can become more painful in time, resulting in lameness.

The best way to make sure your dog is not susceptible to any of these ailments is to purchase from a reliable breeder and ensure that you receive health certificates from both of your parents. Also, you should examine your dog frequently for any indications of these conditions and bring your pet to the vet frequently to have a check-up.


You now know the distinctive characteristics and characteristics of this distinctive German Shepherd breed, it is time to look at what life with them can be like. We will discuss the foods that this dog should be fed as well as the amount of exercise they require and what the grooming requirements of the big dog should be. It’s not a surprise that it is a high-maintenance dog breed, however, they are worthy of the effort!


Since the White Shepherd is a large dog, their diet needs to be as well. It is suggested that you provide them with a diet made for large dog breeds and it is recommended to always read the back of the food container to find out the amount of food you should feed your dog about their weight.

Experts suggest that the White German Shepherd should be eating approximately 1500 calories a day, which is about three cups of food. As puppies, they should be fed three times per day. This can be cut down to two meals per day after becoming an adult. However, if you’ve got an active lifestyle, this could be only one meal per day.

The food they eat should be nutritious and nutritious. It should contain all of the essential nutrients that an animal that is this large needs such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Dry kibble of the highest quality is an excellent choice however, some dog owners prefer to feed their dogs raw food.


It’s not surprising that this type of white dog is very energetic and requires a lot of exercises. Being a working dog, and one that is often employed for police dogs, they require plenty of physical and mental stimulation to stay happy.

You must make sure that you exercise with your German Shepherd for 60 to 90 minutes per day. This could include walks, playing, and playing games for mental health. Your dog will need an expansive backyard to run around in and they won’t have the time to exercise that they require in a small space. In the absence of adequate exercise, they may be prone to destructive and unwanted behavior due to anger and boredom.


A White Shepherd makes an excellent pet for families. Because they are so loyal, they can guard you against any danger, making them great guard dogs. But, you’ll have to teach at an early age to realize that nothing is an issue, or else they might have to bark all day!

We have already mentioned how much exercise is what a German Shepherd requires. Being working dogs require lots of mental and physical stimulation, which is why they’re an ideal pet for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. They’re also the ideal run or hiking companions and are a great fit in a highly active family with their energy levels.

Large dogs, need plenty of space. This means a backyard where they can play. It is important to have a backyard for your German Shepherd is not going to thrive in a tiny apartment because they may feel as if they’re in a shack and might begin to exhibit destructive behavior.

This breed does possess an inherent prey drive, which means it is important to be cautious when making them available in the beginning to kids. However, once they have been socialized properly White German Shepherds will be incredibly affectionate with children and may even bring your kids in their arms.

The more senior your dog gets older, the more difficult it will be to get them to new items and people, however, it is still possible. They also interact extremely well with other pet companions in the family There will be no problem and they’ll become a beloved members of the family.


A White German Shepherd is a highly intelligent dog that can be very simple to train. Their ability to train is such that they are fantastic dogs for families and dogs for individuals or couples. It is recommended to train your dog from an early age and make sure to employ positive reinforcement. This could be in the form of praise verbally and tasty treats to remind the children that they have done well.

The German Shepherd can prove to be stubborn, and you shouldn’t be harsh or rude to them. They’ll do better if you’ve provided them with plenty of hours to work out before when you begin an exercise session. They’re great detectives as well which is why hiding treats and having them take a sniff of the treats is an exciting game!


Unfortunately, you’ll find that unfortunately, your White German Shepherd will shed throughout the year. The reason for this is that their coats are so long and thick. One method to reduce shedding is to ensure you clean them at least three times per week. It is not necessary to bathe them often only when they are dirty. Cleaning their teeth is crucial to stop gum disease and tooth decay You can also give daily chewing gum to keep their teeth healthy.

One method to make sure the grooming of your German Shepherd will not be an experience that is painful on their part is to start grooming them at an early age. This will demonstrate to them that there’s nothing to fear.

white german shepherd breeds
white german shepherd breeds



Genetically there is no distinction between White German Shepherds as well as other variations of the breed like German Shepherds with tan coats. It is believed that the White German Shepherd possesses the recessive white gene that is somewhat like humans that have the gene with blonde hair.

White German Shepherds have the same personality and characteristics as the Tan German Shepherd. They’re not as popular as breeds or well-known, but they are nevertheless the same breed! Unfortunately this breed of dog, the White German Shepherd is not recognized by the AKC.

There is, however, very little distinction between German Shepherds with tan and white coats except for their coats.


White Shepherds are usually priced between $750 and $1000. Be sure you’re buying from a trusted breeder. If this is not within your budget You can always check out your local shelter and check whether they have White German Shepherds that require a new home.


White German Shepherds have the reputation of being kind and affectionate dogs. Genetically, they are no different from the brown German Shepherd, these pups are equally secure and want to be with you. They are excellent working dogs. Your German dog can be a fantastic guard dog and an adorable companion to lie on your couch with. Even though their grooming needs and fitness requirements are extremely high, these adorable pets are worth it and we’re sure you’d love to have one of them in your life!


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