Ugly Cat: Top 10 Ugliest Cats

ugly cat
ugly cat

According to novelist Margaret Wolfe Hungerford, might be in the eyes of the observer. While all cat breeds have their admirers and fans, however, certain breeds are generally viewed as a bit odd or odd compared to other breeds. This article will give interesting facts about the various kinds of cat breeds that are ugly across the globe. Certain people will surely differ in their opinions however, ugly in this instance is defined as odd appearance, unusual characteristics, wrinkled skin, or the complete loss of hair. Some are old breeds that have been around for a long time however, many are novel and experimental breeds of cats that only came to existence in the latter half of the 20th century or early 21st century.

10: Devon Rex

ugly cat
ugly cat


The Devon Rex was a reptile that originated out of Devon, English cities located in Devon from the late 1950s are ranked 10th on this list due to its peculiar, impish look with large eyes, huge ears, and tiny proportions. Other typical characteristics include a scrawny and long neck with a muscular body and a lengthy and tapering tail. Its thick, textured coat ranges from curly and smooth as well as soft and smooth and is available in a variety of designs and colors that include tortoiseshell, solid tabby, solid, and Chinchilla. Its character is often described as a mix of the two and even an animal. They’ll wander around your house as they sit by your feet, slink onto your lap and rest on your shoulders. There aren’t many breeds with a similar look to them.

#9: Cornish Rex

ugly betty cast
Cornish Rex

Despite the similarity in appearance and name, however, even though they share a similar name and appearance, the Cornish Rex is not close to its cousin, the Devon Rex at all. The first breeder was born in a litter of barn animals in Cornwall, England in 1950. The breed is later crossbred with Burmese, Siamese, and British domestic shorthair to form more genetic diversity. It’s distinguished by a small head hollow cheeks, strong muscles, and big bat ears. The curly and short coat, which is incredibly comfortable to the feel, is caused by a different genetic mutation from that of the Cornish Rex. Also, it comes in a myriad of patterns, such as tortoiseshell, tabby, solid, and tuxedo as well as color point. In awe of people, This breed is said to be extremely playful and playful. One of their most loved games is catch and fetch.

#8: Exotic Shorthair

ugly cat meme
Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair first arose in the latter half of the 1950s as the cross of the American Shorthair and a Persian. The intention was to introduce this Persian coat of silver as well as eye color to match the American Shorthair. Instead, the breeders came up with an animal that was more similar to the Persian. Following further breeding with Burmese or Russian Blue, the cat was characterized by an oval, flat face, large eyes, huge shoulders, and straight, short legs that some consider to be one of the ugliest cats. The long and thick coat comes in white blue, black cream, chocolate silver, and lilac. It comes in different patterns and shades. Exotic Shorthairs are famous for being extremely sweet relaxed, laid-back, and sociable, yet calm and sensitive. Although they don’t need attention, these felines have a lot of fun and cuddles.

#7: Lykoi

ugly kid joe cat's in the cradle

The Lykoi is sometimes called a werewolf since it usually does not have fur around its muzzle, eyes, as well as other body parts. Its name is taken off it is the Greek word Lycos meaning Wolf. The roan-like black coat which feels astonishingly soft and silky was the result of the natural mutation of domestic shorthair cats in the year 2010. The majority of Lykois will shed and regenerate hair during the season of shedding two times a year. Because the fur is composed mostly of hairs that guard (there are no undercoats) This breed is very little protection from severe weather or storms, consequently, it is best kept indoors. Other notable characteristics include a wedge-shaped head thin legs as well as a massive body. However, despite their strange appearance, they’re very fun-loving, intelligent, and loving breeders who bond well with their family and pets. Because they need to receive plenty of love This breed isn’t able to like being to its own devices for prolonged periods.

#6: Donskoy

ugly hairless cat

Also called known as the Don Sphynx or the Russian Hairless Donskoy, The Donskoy is a unique hairless breed that has an eerie resemblance to Sphynx but has no genetic heritage or connection with it. The origins of this breed go to 1987 when Cat breeder Elena Kovaleva found a blue tortoiseshell cat stray in Rostov-on-Don, a Russian city of Rostov-on Don. Although initially, it appeared normal the cat started losing its hair at around four months of age. To keep this characteristic the cat was later mated to a tomcat from the area to create the first stock. It is distinguished by its big ears, webbed toes, and wrinkled skin whether or not it has whiskers. But, the hairless characteristic can be linked with medical conditions, like feline ectodermal disorder, which stops the cat from sweating or lactating properly. Because of this, it’s not recognized by all cat registry sites.

#5: Peterbald

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With their huge ears, their long thin snouts, and narrow snouts with wrinkled, sagging skin Peterbald is among the ugliest cats in the world. It came from St. Petersburg, the Russian town of St. Petersburg in 1994 and was a cross between the Donskoy or Oriental shorthair. Although they carry the hairless gene, however, kittens are often born with hairless, bald, or brush coats in a variety of diverse patterns and colors. But the genetics that drives this phenomenon isn’t thoroughly understood. They’re also extremely intelligent affectionate, playful, and loving cats that usually form solid bonds with their owner and establish peace with their companions.

#4: Ukrainian Levkoy

ugly cat christmas sweater
ugly cat Christmas sweater

A Ukrainian Levkoy is a manmade breed (meaning it’s the result of deliberate breeding) that was created in 2004 when a cross was made between the Donskoy and the Scottish Fold. The weight ranges from 8 to 12 pounds, it’s distinguished by its sharp cheekbones, a large nose, and a sagging ear. Another significant feature is thinness down that over the body. Since they’re not hairless, they can be found in almost every color and pattern you can imagine. They are naturally curious and curious they love to play. It should be provided with cat trees, a scratching post, and lots of toys during the day. The super-loving breed likes to play with its pets. The average lifespan can be between 15 and 20 years, occasionally longer.

#3: Elf Ugly Cat

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Elf Cat

One of the ugliest cats around The furless Elf Cat was thought to be a hybrid of a Sphynx and an American Curl, around the year 2004. It’s distinguished by odd ears, twisted ears, and a muscular body. prominent whisker pads and cheekbones as well as wrinkled skin around shoulders and ears as well as the muzzle. Due to their hairless body, they are susceptible to all types of skin sensitivities and problems but are very healthy. In contrast to other species, Elf Cats love to be the focus of the spotlight. They naturally are loving and affectionate.

#2: Ugly Cat Minskin

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The roots of Minskin Minskin go back to the 21st century when a neighborhood Boston breeder crossed the hairless Sphynx with a Munchkin. He then included an additional breed, the Burmese as well as the Devon Rex to the mix too. The result was a breed with an oval head, big ears, large and bulging eyes, and extremely short legs, which means that the body almost hugs the ground. The coat is thin on the inside of the body, and thicker towards the extremes. Similar to other breeds listed on this list of ugly cats The Minskin is incredibly outgoing charming, loving, and smart. They also have few health issues and their lifespan is long, ranging from between 12 and 15 years. They also have a long lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Minskin is also believed to be the foundation of a related breed, the Bambino.

#1: Ugly Cat Sphynx

ugly cat breeds

The Sphynx (also called The Canadian Hairless) takes the first place for most cats that are ugly. They were developed in the 60s using an unnatural genetic mutation and later refined by selective breeding. A genetic test proved that the hairless gene originates from the same gene as the short curly hair that is found in the Devon Rex. They have a long narrow head, narrow feet, very thick paw pads as well as a whip-like tail and ears that are very large relative to body size. The untreated (or mostly naked) skin has the feel of chamois leather. It is the typical shade of hair and has typical cat markings like tabby, point, solid, and tortoiseshell.

However, the shorter or no hair does not necessarily mean that the Sphynx (or any short-haired breed) is not hypoallergenic. The cause of an allergic reaction is not due to long hair it is caused by the production of specific proteins found in saliva and on the skin. Remember this when you choose an animal.

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