July 6, 2022

Ugly Animals – Top 10 Ugliest Animals in the World

Simon Watt is a biologist who loves all things science. He brings his Ready, Steady, Science program to schools, museums, theatres, and festivals across the UK to teach kids about science through fun, hands-on experiments. Simon is also president of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society (for real!) and is working to raise awareness for some very interesting…different…okay, ugly animals. In this Top Ten, we take a look at some of Simon’s top cringe-worthy animals.

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Ugly Animals

1. Bedlington Terriers

Ugly Animals It’s hard to find a cute dog breed, but the Bedlington Terriers are a good fit. They are a good-natured breed that is loyal and loves to play However, they aren’t the best in appearance. First of all, their body shapes are stretched. Additionally, their snouts are broad and long. Sometimes, with the proper grooming, a dog named Bedlington Terrier is a beautiful dog. However, let’s face it: even in the realm of the human realm, the royal never is a good looker.

the 10 ugliest animals on earth
Bedlington Terriers

2. Vultures

The entire vulture experience is disgusting. The large birds spend their time picking over the rotting carcasses, but they also stink, and their faces emit a smoky odor. Their heads are long and wrinkled and a lot of them sport grotesque waddles and appendages hanging around their necks. Beautiful, beautiful hummingbirds, they’re not!

ugliest animal on the planet

3. Fruit Flies

To the untrained eye, fruit insects are just floating dots. However, under your microscopes, their unattractive faces are magnified. Eyes that are big and red are the main focus of their faces, while hair whiskers that are dripping with beards are scattered throughout their crowns. This combination is ugly!

what is the ugliest animal on earth
Fruit Flies

4. Matamata Turtle

In Spanish, the word matamata means “kill! ” Kill!” If you came across a matamata turtle it could be your first thought. In all likelihood, this species has a strange appearance! Its neck is long and warty. is protruding from a shabby shell that culminates in a head, which is accentuated with a deformed nose.

As is the case for so many animals that are ugly the matamata’s awry exterior makes it among the most vicious predators within its environment. It’s not just that they blend perfectly into their swampy surroundings, their necks are long, which allows for an expansive snapping range, which is perfect for hunting.

ugliest animal in the world 2021
Matamata Turtle

5. Aye-Aye

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the person who is looking at it. There are certain people who “ooh and aww” over the aye-aye. However, to us, these tiny primates appear like apathetic grunts. Their bug-eyed faces aren’t the only ones to the blame. They also have bony and long fingers, similar to those of the Wicked Witch of the West with long fangs and enormous ears.

most ugliest animal on earth

6. Warthog

Their odd-shaped heads and massive snouts aren’t very appealing. But what puts warthogs in our top ugliest animal listing is their skin-colored “warts” that cover their bodies. The bumps aren’t warts. They’re armored to protect wild pigs in battle.

what's the ugliest animal on earth

7. Hyena

  “Jokers” of the African Savannah, hyenas have carnivores that have a scraggly bark that adds to their grouchiness. Hyenas are known to be rag-tag and their hairy patches add to their shabby appearance. They aren’t accused of being unsustainable. As a hunter in survival who is averse to waste, hyenas consume all of their food.

ugliest animal in the world blobfish


The monkfish is also known by the name of “poor man’s lobster” and is often referred to as “sea-devils,” monkfish have big flatheads, broad mouths, and relatively small bodies. Their eyes are small and slimy and they have an overall slimy appearance that isn’t very attractive.

Monkfish may not be bothered by our aesthetic preferences. Their distinctive appearance keeps them hidden within Deepwater homes — and living is more vital than looking beautiful!

which is the most ugliest animal in the world

9. Blobfish

Their slimy body and unbalanced characteristics Blobfishes are the definitions of what we think of as ugly. Deep-sea fish are found in the Antipodes and were first classified in 1926. But, because they live in remote areas Blobfishes were not known to the general public. The situation changed when a few were caught during an expedition.

In 2013, the fish was ranked first in the Ugly Animal Preservation Society’s list of the ugliest living creatures.

number 1 ugliest animal
Ugly Animals

10. Naked Mole-Rat

The naked mole rats are rodents that have no eyes living within the underground colony. However, their names are misleading since the subterranean dwellers aren’t moles or rats. They’re connected to guinea pigs porcupines and Chinchillas.

 In reality, naked mole rats don’t have to be entirely naked. The average mole-rat has around 100 hairs on their bodies to act as whiskers for navigation. While they may perhaps not appear to be among the more robust species in the menagerie of Mother Nature They live longer than other rodents and are almost invulnerable to cancer.

what animal is the ugliest
Naked Mole-rat

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