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teacup poodle
teacup poodle

A Teacup Poodle is one of the tiniest dogs available. The tiny pups are loving and loyal and fit almost everywhere! Because of their small size, they can be adapted to a variety of environments, meaning it doesn’t matter whether your home is tiny or your house is large. In addition, the Teacup Poodles will keep you alert and will have some of the same traits as their typical-sized parents.

If you’re looking to learn more you can about this cute pet, check out the following article as we go over their background as well as their traits and the benefits of it’s like to live with one of the  Poodles can be like.


The Teacup Poodle is not a purebred dog breed, which is registered with a kennel association and does not have the recognition of the American Kennel Club (AKC). The breed can be selectively bred and is an alteration of that of the Toy Poodle. The one distinction between those the Toy Poodle and the Teacup Poodle is their size. We can refer to that to Toy Poodle for a lot of information on the Teacup.


The Poodle is among the most sought-after breeds in the world and is one of the most cherished purebred dogs. They were bred in Germany and were designed to be work and gun dogs. They were the ideal hunting dog. The Poodle is waterproof and has a great ability to retrieve.

These days, the breed is now more referred to as a lapdog, rather than a working dog. They are bred into smaller breeds to ensure that more people can benefit from having the Poodle as their best friend. The Teacup version of this breed is specifically bred using Toy Poodle. Toy Poodle must be less than 9 inches tall and weigh less than 6 pounds to be considered a Teacup.

teacup poodle
teacup poodle


The most distinctive characteristic of this breed can be seen in its height. Teacup puppies typically come in litters of between one and two. Sometimes, however, it may be more.

They weigh about 2 pounds at birth and only gain approximately 5 pounds when fully developed. They are also always less than 9 inches tall.

If you’re planning to purchase a Teacup Poodle, you will be looking at a cost between $2,000 and $2,500. This is due to the process of selective breeding and the reality that there are fewer dogs per litter.


We’ve previously mentioned that the Teacup Poodle is tiny. While there aren’t any breed standards that are officially recognized, however, the guideline is that the average Teacup Poodle is 9 inches in height, and weighs under 6 pounds in contrast, a Toy breed weighs less than 10 inches.

The breed is extremely elegant, regardless of their size. They remain in a posture. The eyes of their breed are tiny, dark, and always alert. They also have an elongated muzzle and large, fluffy ears.


Their coats are curly and thick, and they don’t shed any hair. This makes them hypoallergenic dogs, which is ideal for those who suffer from allergies.


The Toy Poodles coat comes in a range of colors like black silver, blue-gray, and white. brown, apricot, and beige. In contrast to other Poodle mix dogs, which may come in a variety of different fur colors the Toy Poodle comes in solid shades. This will allow you to discern if you’re selling a purebred Poodle or not.


The nature that comes from this breed of Teacup Poodle is very similar to that of the Standard Poodle. They are very affectionate and can be wonderful companions for anyone such as families, individuals, and even the older. Due to their size, they can be found in diverse environments. They work well in apartments and cities, and in larger homes in the countryside or in open-air environments.

Their exercise needs aren’t very high, but they do find themselves bored quite often and dislike being left alone. If they’re left on their own for too long, they’ll start to experience separation anxiety, and will exhibit destructive behavior. A socialization course in the early years of their lives can assist with this, but you shouldn’t buy a Teacup Poodle if you are not able to be present throughout the time.


The lifespan of the Teacup dog is quite long. The Teacup dogs are likely to live from 12 and 14 years old.


Like all dogs like any other dog, as with all dogs, Teacup Poodle can be prone to a variety of health issues. Certain of these issues are similar to those that are carried by their larger-sized ancestors because of their genetic affinities. This includes:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) -It is an eye disease that can lead to blindness due to the disappearance of the photoreceptors located at the rear of the eye.
  • Dysplasia / HTML0It is typically found in large dogs, however, it can affect other joints of the body.

In addition, due to their breeding practices and their small size, they can be susceptible to other health problems. It is recommended to always consult the breeder you purchase from to find out if they have any indications of these ailments.

The three most frequent are hyperglycemia (low blood sugar) as well as heart defects as well as patella luxation. Patella luxation is a frequent issue in smaller dogs. It is caused by the patella isn’t aligned. It can result in lameness of the leg or an unnatural gait that is similar to the hop or skip.

To make sure you recognize the indications for any one of the problems in the early stages, make sure you bring your pet to the veterinarian to check up on him regularly.

teacup poodle for sale
teacup poodle for sale


Fortunately, caring for the Teacup Poodle during the daytime is not difficult at all. They don’t require as much care as other breeds of the breed.


Since they are tiny dogs, their food requirements aren’t that big. The experts recommend feeding your Teacup Poodle about 250 calories a day, equivalent to about 1 cup of premium dry kibble daily.

It is recommended to test their diet, which is specifically designed for toys size breeds, to ensure that you can be sure that they are getting the correct nutrition.

It is crucial to not skip meals or walk on the floor with your Teacup Poodles small dogs are more susceptible to hypoglycemia, which could cause fatal complications.

It is suggested that you provide them with food that is divided into four meals daily starting at 7 am, one between 11 and 11, another at 3 pm and the last at 7 pm. You may also treat them with treats when they show good behavior or behave well, and fruits snacks.


A Teacup Poodle does not have a particularly high exercise requirement, because due to its size. Yet, they require walking daily. Walking your dog regularly is an ideal way to build a bond with them, and also increase their mental stimulation, and also give them the chance to explore new sounds and sights.

Experts suggest taking your teacup dog for a minimum of an hour of walking each day. It is suggested to divide your walks into three to ensure they don’t over the top of their game. You can do this by taking your dog at the beginning of the day, at midday, and in the evening. You can vary the location so that your dog gets the chance to experience new things.

Your dog can also enjoy toys at home, which will improve the bonding between you and your dog. It also gives them something to do whenever you need to leave and they’re at home, so they don’t ruin your home!

Remember that the Teacup Poodle isn’t able to keep warm due to its tiny size. If you reside in a more cold area the Teacup would need to wear a jacket or sweater to stay warm!


Tea Cup Poodles love people and are excellent companions for all even families. Due to their dimensions, Teacup Poodles can be a perfect fit in any space no matter if you live inside a suburban apartment or a big house situated in a rural area. They don’t have a lot of physical demands, and apart from walking them every day they don’t require the space for a yard to play in.

They are a lot of fun to be with people, so they’re not a good fit for an entire family that’s going to be away for the majority of the time. They are extremely affectionate and make an excellent lap dog and are small enough that you could be able to bring them along!

One of the main differences between one the main differences between Standard Poodle and the Teacup Poodle is that the Teacup does not have the same tolerance as it does the Standard Poodle when it comes to small children. The Teacup might be afraid of being held by children and can become slightly annoyed. Luckily, with the early introduction to socialization, this issue can be sorted.


Teacup Poodles are easily trained and that’s another reason why that so many people love them. They’re naturally smart which makes life much easier, particularly if haven’t trained dogs before. Teacups love to learn and are eager to please. They also are very responsive to positive praise. This can be done through verbal praise or treats.

You should limit your use to a brief five minutes of training every two or three times per day to train your Teacup Poodle. It is also important to get them socialized, particularly due to their small size. They should be exposed to animals and other people as early as possible so that they can socialize.


Grooming is among pet the most requested things for owners of their Teacup as well as Toy Poodle breeds. Their thick coats mean that they can be clipped in a variety of ways, and you can also change the hairstyle of your pet every time they visit the groomers.

If you’re not changing their hairstyle, you’ll have to clean them. While they’re not shed, brushing them shouldn’t be overlooked and can help keep knots from forming and matting on their locks. It is recommended to do this at least twice a week.

Also, you should cut your nails and clean your teeth. To avoid dental decay and disease, daily brushing is a suggested practice.

teacup poodle
teacup poodle



Teacup Poodles are happy in a household environment and enjoy being with people. They might feel intimidated in the presence of small children, which is why it’s not always recommended to keep them in a home with small children.

However, this is solved by socialization. Teacup Poodles can also be great pets for families since they aren’t concerned about what you do with your life! They can live in tiny apartments and large houses as long as you love them enough.


A Teacup Poodle puppy can cost the range of $2,000 to $2,500. They’re costly because they aren’t easy to breed and there are typically only two or three puppies in the litter. If this seems too expensive for you, you could discover the Teacup Poodles in the shelter near you that needs an owner.


Teacup Poodles are adorable pet that is friendly and affectionate. Their small size ensures they can adjust to any kind of environment, and they don’t have too many requirements for care. Make sure you feed them enough food, work out daily and play with them. They’ll be loyal to you for the rest of their lives!

Teacup Poodles enjoy being with people and are the perfect pet for families. They’re not too difficult to train and their walks are very minimal, which makes them the perfect pet for anyone! Which do you believe Teacup Poodles are the perfect pet for you?


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