Red Nose Pitbull

The Red Nose Pitbull- All About Red Nose Pitbull

The Red Nose Pitbull All About Red Nose Pitbull It is believed that the Red Nose Pitbull is a variant of the famous American Pitbull Terrier breed. Similar to those of the Blue Nose Pitbull the Red Nose Pitbulls are smart and active. They are, however, frequently the focus of controversy because they fall within that Pitbull … Read more

blue nose pitbull puppy

Blue Nose Pitbull – Complete Rare Breed Owners Guide

A Blue Nose Pitbull is a rare breed of Pitbull and is the consequence of recessive genetic mutation which means that they are born with a lower gene pool. A lot of people see this Blue Nose Pitbull as a distinct breed, however, they’re a more rare variant that is a part of Pitbulls. American … Read more