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Rabbit Hutch

The rabbit hutch is a great location for a rabbit to live in a place in a place where it can play, run free, and feel secure within its enclosure. You can construct your DIY rabbit hutch yourself! If you’re thinking of creating your rabbit shelter, several plans include step-by-step directions to assist you in building solid structures that keep your rabbit protected from the elements and out of the danger from predators. Choose the best design for your outdoor space with one and two-story designs that will suit any rabbit.

What is a Rabbit Hutch?

A rabbit hutch, also known as a bunny hutch, is similar to a cage but designed to be used outdoors. Made of wooden frames that are built on legs that are above ground The hutches of bunnies have roofs and wire panels welded to each side, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the open areas within the enclosed space.

Free DIY Rabbit Hutch Plan

rabbit hutch
Free DIY bunny Hutch Plan

This cute bunny hutch has an upper deck and a lower one as also as an area where the rabbit can keep warm. A list of tools required as well as a list of materials with diagrams, photos in color as well as detailed written instructions will make this an easy project for anyone who is just starting.

Kid-Friendly Rabbit Hotel

rabbit hutch outdoor
Kid-Friendly bunny Hotel

Make a home for your rabbits with this no-cost bunny hutch plan that’s created to let your children play with the animals as much as they want. The plan includes color images as well as a list of supplies as well as a tool guideline and construction instructions so that you can build this amazing rabbit hotel.

Free Small Rabbit Hutch Plan

rabbit hutch indoor
Free Small bunny Hutch Plan

The free plan on Instructorless lets you build the smallest bunny hutch that’s nearly five feet in length that can accommodate up to six rabbits. The plan includes 12 steps, with instructions written in English along with a lot of pictures, however, it’s not a complete rabbit hutch plan that doesn’t list the tools and materials that you’ll require like these plans.

Free Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Plan

when rabbit howls
Free Outdoor bunny Hutch Plan

The plan for my Outdoor Plans’ bunny hutch design is easy to follow and claims that it will take no more than one day to finish.

The list of materials is labeled and resembles an illustration that allows you to identify where each piece of material can be placed within the rabbit hutch. The plan also includes written instructions to help you through the process of building the hutch. The plan includes all the equipment you will require as well.

Sectional Rabbit Hutch Plan

plans for rabbit hutch
Sectional bunny Hutch Plan

If you own several rabbits you’ll need this free design to build a sectional rabbit hutch, which can be built to accommodate as many as five rabbits. You can build sections of the hutch that are either 6 or four feet. Diagrams, as well as a tool and material list, photographs, and step-by-step building directions, are all included.

Free Rabbit Hutch Plan

rabbit hutch diy
Free bunny Hutch Plan

Simply Easy DIY comes with what you’d expect, an easy-to-follow DIY plan to build the rabbit hutch.

There are not only written instructions for building this specific rabbit hutch but a video tutorial is also provided to aid in the visual. Simple Easy DIY also outlines how you will need to cut the components, including roofing, frame, and door so that they all fit.

Free Indoor Rabbit Hutch Plan

rabbit hutch plans
Free Indoor bunny Hutch Plan

The plan for my Outdoor Plans’ bunny hutch plan is incredibly simple to follow and claims that it will take no more than a full day to finish.

The list of materials is labeled and is accompanied by an illustration that allows you to identify where each piece of material will fit into the rabbit hutch. The plan also includes written instructions that will guide you through the process of building the structure. This document includes all the equipment you will require as well.

Two-Story Rabbit Hutch Plan

rabbit hutch sale
Two-Story bunny Hutch Plan

The bunny hutch plan from Ana White is the ideal place to keep more than one rabbit. This design requires two stories, but it’s an easy project.

There aren’t any elaborate plans included, but images and general information on how to build the rabbit hutch. If you’re not a beginner then this build could be ideal for you.

Trixie Natura 1– Story Rabbit Hutch


rabbit hutch large
Trixie Natura 1- Story Rabbit Hutch

The Trixie Natura 1 Story Rabbit Hutch is a basic design made of solid wood. It is finished with an edging of glazed pine. It’s been treated to ensure it can last for a long time with minimal care, but it is possible to reapply the stain every few years to extend the life of your furniture. It includes a living space and a separate bedroom.

The roof hinges and comes with locking arms, making it easy and comfortable for you to access and wash without needing to hold the lid in place and pick up bowls and then sweep at once. The locking arms allow the roof to be opened during warm weather and allow breezes to enter the hutch. The hutch is to be a good size for a large or several smaller breeds of rabbits.

The legs are a way to ensure you can shield the hutch from wet ground, however, it’s not as durable as other options, and, while we believe it to be the top all-around rabbit hutch, we believe it is best placed under a roof or some other security.

Tangkula Rabbit Hutch

rabbit hutch tractor supply
Tangkula Rabbit Hutch

One of the most effective methods to protect your rabbits from hungry predators and the elements is by keeping them out of sight. This is precisely the reason why Tangkula bunny Hutch is elevated on its legs. If your rabbits are perched high above their feet, they’ll become less difficult to be accessed by predators. Additionally, they’re less vulnerable to natural elements like the accumulation of water.

The Tangkula Hutch comes with an adjustable bottom tray that makes it easier to clean. It lets you get rid of all waste as well as old bedding with one quick move, making cleaning the shortest task. Additionally, you will have unlimited access to the inside of the cage thanks to three doors that open, including the roof.

Your rabbits require air So a section inside the rabbit hutch is constructed of heavy-duty fencing made of wire. It’s designed to allow ample ventilation while keeping hungry rabbits from outside. It will likely be more effective than the timber all the other hutches are constructed from that isn’t very strong. However, the entire hutch is strong and secure overall and that’s why we believe it’s the top prey-proof rabbit hutch for the money.

Paw Hut Solid Wood Rabbit Hutch

rabbit hutch at tractor supply
Paw Hut Solid Wood Rabbit Hutch

It’s slightly higher priced than the alternatives we looked at however, if you’re looking to allow your rabbits to enjoy a life of luxury, you should look into this Paw Hut Solid Wood Rabbit Hutch. This amazing setup offers 2 stories of room for pets to enjoy outdoor play with the security of fencing or shelter from the elements within the walled and roofed upper section.

It is constructed from solid fir wood and steel wire fencing it is very durable. It is more durable than the other hutch that we’ve tried which gives you confidence in its capability to safeguard your pet.

When it’s time for cleaning up the hutch will make it easy. Multiple entry points allow you easy access to every inch of the inside. Plus, you can have a slide-out tray that is located in the main housing section of the hutch which allows you to clean up the mess within minutes. It might cost a little more, but we believe all the amazing features and the extra space is worth the price increase.

Tier Wooden Rabbit Hutch

large rabbit hutch
Tier Wooden Rabbit Hutch

The 2 story Wooden bunny Hutch from PawHut offers a variety of great features for your rabbits and you. But, it isn’t perfect in a couple of important areas too. We liked the lockable doors which allowed us to feel secure the rabbits are secure and secured. The asphalt roof is lovely and provides lots of shade from rain and sun. The slide-out tray for dropping made it simple and quick to clean the living area.

We were eager to put together this hutch. However, the moment we got the box open, we were confronted with a peculiar and strong smell. We continued to build and were astonished to discover that, once it was completed the hutch wasn’t as durable as we imagined. Even more troubling, the dimensions were a few inches smaller than what was provided, leaving less space for the rabbits could roam around than we thought.

Despite its shortcomings, The two-tier Paw Hut Wooden bunny Hutch is still an excellent product. There are better options at a lower cost like this Tangkula rabbit hutch in the second spot on this list.

Pets Imperial Rabbit Hutch

rabbit hutch for sale
Rabbit Hutch

The Pets Imperial Rabbit Hutch looks like a mansion designed for bunnies, however, it has less space for the area than it appears at first. It still has plenty of room for two or one rabbits to enjoy their lives within the two levels of the room. Cleaning is easy due to the pullout tray made of metal.

It’s constructed mostly of treated lumber, which is supposed to be durable and animal-friendly. However, it emits an extremely strong odor that resembles cedar which can be very harmful to rabbits and is best avoided. We were very irritated by the scent even though it’s meant to be safe for animals.

Apart from the lumber, coyotes and fox-proof galvanized mesh are reinforced to allow plenty of airflow for your rabbits and let them be seen from outside for your enjoyment watching. But that’s not all of the airflows they’ll receive. The gaps between the poorly fitted panels let in the elements. This is because the pre-drilled holes didn’t always meet up correctly. The result was a massive structure that was not as robust as we had expected and also was unable to keep our rabbits safe from the weather.

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