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Just Food For Dogs Flushed with $68 million in fresh capital, the pet food business JustFoodForDogs will grow its retail outlets quicker than you can think of “No, not on the new carpet!”

“Previously we discussed having 500 locations over about four years. We are now able to do it more quickly, thanks to a bigger scope of our vision,” CEO Carey Tischler spoke to the media in an interview on Thursday. “We are at over 200 locations now and we will open well over 100 more locations this year alone.”

His optimism was lifted by news yesterday of U.S. pet spending hitting an all-time high in the amount of $95.7 billion in the year 2019. Around $37 billion was spent on pet food and treats an increase of 7% over the previous year according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA).

just food for dogs
just food for dogs

Steve King, CEO of APPA Steve King, CEO of APPA said that people are now more informed than ever before about the ingredients used in pet food, and are more likely to spend money on high-quality products that are not processed. This is a great place for JustFoodForDogs which makes use of fresh and whole ingredients that have been USDA-certified for human consumption.

It’s in line with the way our teams can tell pet owners every day,” Tischler says. “They are looking for better nutrition for their pets, the same thing they are looking for, for themselves.”

JustFoodForDogs received $68 million in Series C funding as part of the hands of L Catterton in the last quarter of 2017. Before that, the private equity firm focused on the consumer announced an undisclosed expansion acquisition in the year 2017. It was only two years following the time that Tischler quit his job in L Catterton to take the directorship of JustFoodForDogs located in Irvine, California.

Tischler believes that this new investment will help fuel the rapid expansion of JustFoodForDog’s brick-and-mortar presence across the nation as well as its kitchens which are used to serve as “showrooms” where consumers watch food preparation in the gleaming stainless steel that is high-end and vibrant displays of fresh produce, vegetables, and meats. Tischler says the kitchens, like the one that was opened in the last year within Petco’s iconic New York City store as a “point of discovery” for the brand.

On-site, trained pet nutritionists are available to provide advice on what to do they can “detox” their pets as they move from commercial food to fresh, natural food.

Just Food For Dogs In April, JustFoodForDogs will open a $2 million, 21,000-square-foot kitchen in New Castle, Delaware, Tischler says. “Our expansion across the country requires an East Coast facility to support the demand of our customers.”

Just Food For Dogs The large-sized format is inspired by its original “master” kitchen in Irvine, California, where 30,000 pounds of food for pets are cooked each day for pet owners in the area and online customers and those who shop in-store and standalone places within Petco as well as Pet Food Express stores. The company also offers nutritional and food products through vet clinics.

JustFoodForDogs also runs smaller kitchens, with openings scheduled for during the summer months in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago as well as The Upper East Side in New York. This year the company will be launching new kitchens to be opened in Dallas as well as Austin, Texas, he states.

just-food for dogs reviews
just-food for dogs reviews

The capital infusion will also spur new hires, bolster the management team, and help to increase the number of pet nutritionists, which is more than the current 200 employees. The money will also be used to fund studies that prove longevity-related health advantages of feeding your pet fresh, whole food sources, Tischler says. JustFoodForDogs revealed in January that it will provide $1 million to support research and food trials for pets that are supervised by an advisory board composed of 12 veterinarians.

“It’s amazing and thrilling. This is a boring superlative I am aware,” Tischler says. “But testing is happening far faster and this funding is another tool to accelerate that movement.”

What do you think that people are getting more attracted to “traditional dog food”

It’s multi-factorial. In the last few months across the U.S., we have had an average of one recall of pet food each day. It’s a staggering number considering the size of the business of pet food in the United States compared to, for instance, human food.

People have grown to love their pets more than they have ever before. The days of taking your pet out to a pet’s home for the night are long gone but we continue to give them food that was created before the time that most (of us) became adults. Just like what we saw during our time in the “Big Tobacco” industry, Americans are looking at their own “Big Kibble” industry because they want to ensure the best possible quality for their pets.

It’s been a while since I’ve witnessed an industry that is so disconnected from its customers. That’s the reason this is happening right now.

Just Food For Dogs Another reason to consider “now” is related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on the American Pet Product Association, the number of households who brought a new pet into their homes during the time of the pandemic was over 5 million people within the U.S. A majority of them are first-time pet owners who have gone shopping for pet food at first, and discovered themselves asking “Isn’t there something better?”

In the end, and perhaps most important, pet owners who have experimented with fresh whole-food meals (either commercially or by creating the food in their homes) have noticed a dramatic improvement in the overall health as well as the vitality of their pets and are eager to share their findings with other pet owners. The demand for fresh, healthy diets for pets has been inspired by the public.

Have you got stories concerning convincing someone of a skeptical person?

One of my favorite stories was about a vet who had deep concerns over this radical shift in the way we feed our children. Veterinarians are generally used to suggesting canned food or kibble since they’ve always practiced this. She swore out against these changes to the industry of pet food.

Just Food For Dogs After learning about the science behind it which included numerous peer-reviewed, published research articles about our particular food that appeared in highly regarded journals like The Journal of Animal Science, Translational Animal Science, and other journals, she began to recommend it. Since then, JustFoodForDogs has become the main food source in hundreds of veterinary clinics and hospitals across the country.

What is the process of creating recipes? Are you a pet-food chef and a dog’s taste tester?

Our in-house team of vets who develop recipes for diets for everyday use monitor quality control, and even offer seminars for continuing education to vets across the country on whole food and nutrition. Additionally, they develop our custom-designed prescription food products to the needs of sick pets.

Consumers must research thoroughly when searching for pet food. Many companies display the pictures as well as bios and profiles of veterinarians to appear as if they’re employees when they’re being paid for use of their name and credentials and are not contributing much to the development of their products. We’re a bona fide “vet-centric” company.

Additionally, JustFoodForDogs is the only pet food manufacturer in the United States that offers its recipes (our most important intellectual property) to the public at no cost. There is no need to purchase our food because we give you the recipes to cook it yourself at your own home. Your dog doesn’t care about who is making your diet (neither us!) However, it can greatly improve the overall health of your pet to feed it real food.

JustFoodForDogs cooks up its pet food products in its kitchens that are open to public access located in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, and at Petco’s flagship store in New York City’s Union Square, where pet owners can learn about how the food is created. The company also has pantries and store-in stores inside Petco as well as Pet Food Express locations nationwide.

just-food for dogs reviews
just-food for dogs reviews

What exactly is fresh pet food What exactly is fresh pet food?

Fresh brands of pet food, such as Freshpet–found in the refrigerator of your local pet store–helped in commercializing new options to pet parents. There are now numerous brands to choose from and many are offered subscription-based services that work in the same manner you create a dog profile, fill out a questionnaire to customize the frequency of your delivery, and voilà! The next thing you know fresh pet food will be delivered to your doorstep, wrapped in dry frozen.

Just Food For Dogs When I did my investigation, I came across over a dozen companies that sell fresh diets for pets, both dogs and cats, and their cooking techniques ingredients, storage, and guidelines vary greatly. According to Bullen “fresh” refers to a variety of things “fresh pet food” doesn’t have any specific meaning, it simply refers to food for pets made from fewer (or no) preservatives. It can be prepared at home using chicken boiled and plain rice cooked or it can be made using recognizable ingredients in a factory and packaged with no preservatives followed by freezing. For the brands we’ve listed below, we looked into those that sell products that are commercially manufactured and cooked thoroughly at a low temperature and which contain a mix of grains, meats vegetables, and fruits. It is likely to appear like you’ve taken the Thanksgiving plate of a human and put it all together.

Okay But, is it superior?

A lot of these fresh food brands advertise as “human-grade” or say they “don’t contain fillers,” but that doesn’t mean they’re superior to conventional pet food. There are “fillers” in pet food are carbohydrates or grains such as soy, corn, or wheat that provide your pet with nutrition value. Preservatives prolong the shelf life scent, flavor, and flavor of pet food in the pantry and usually undergo quality control testing conducted by FDA or a different governing body to ensure that the food remains safe for your pet’s consumption.

It is the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) defines “human-grade food” as “suitable for human consumption,” meaning that the ingredients have to be suitable for human consumption. Bullen said the meaning of “feed grade” can be described as “suitable for animal consumption.” However, the distinction might not be that much more than marketing when discussing a pet that enjoys eating leftovers from the garbage. “There are so many things that would make food feed grade rather than the human-grade that wouldn’t harm the animal in any form or fashion,” Bullen stated. An excellent illustration of “feed grade” would be poultry by-product meals, which are composed of the liver of a poultry’s kidneys, spleen, or spleen but not the feet or feathers of poultry.

The calorific density of a dog’s diet is more important than the claims of marketing. While every service “customizes” the portions of the dog’s diet, that’s not the only important aspect. “Taking a look at the portion size doesn’t always tell you a representative idea of how many calories they’re getting,” Bullen cautioned. “It’s gonna be, you know, are they maintaining weight, are they gaining weight, are they losing weight?” Bullen pointed out that a sign of a healthy program is the possibility of adjustments. Fresher diets are more likely to contain lower caloric density rates than kibble-based diets. This is similar to the caloric differences between the fresh fruit in a cup and dried fruit. The majority of kibble diets are between 3.2 to 4.5 Kilocalories per gram (91 to 128 kilocalories for an ounce) according to Bullen and the fresh diets for pets we tested are ranging between 1.2 to 4.7 Kilocalories per gram. (Although kilograms and grams aren’t typical American measurement units this is the common method that which pet food is measured to determine the kilocalories.) The reason for this discrepancy is the different amounts of water in every food. Be sure to adhere to the food guidelines of your particular food to ensure that you don’t under or over-feed your pet.

If you’re considering making any major changes to your pet’s diet, you should speak with your veterinarian. Certain dogs digest food differently depending on their genetic structure, and there’s nothing that can be described as a “one-size-fits-all” solution for your dog’s diet. Just Food For Dogs “In regards to being nutritionally superior, fresh diets for pets do not have the advantage of being nutritionally superior. They’ll be dependent on the specific needs of the pet is consuming, and also the specific diet that the client has prepared for the animal,” Bullen said.

Just Food For Dogs I’ve put together a list of the most popular direct-to-consumer fresh pet food manufacturers. The following options are derived from Bullen’s experience, interviews with the companies, deep explorations of third-party reviews, and a comparison of each website’s pricing structure, recipes, and availability for shipping. I’ve also tried a variety of brands for my pets over the years and believe that these companies are excellent choices for anyone looking to feed their pet a fresh diet.

Where Is The Food Made?

Just Food for Dogs is made in the United States in company-owned facilities. In the FAQ section of their website, Just Food for Dogs notes that their food is crafted by hand in open-to-the-public kitchens in Irvine, Califo,India, and New Castle, Delaware.

Of their ingredients, Just Food for Dogs states they use whole food ingredients that are restaurant-grade. Here’s how they explain it:

“Real, unprocessed, bioavailable, and nutrient-rich ingredients in their natural state. Our meats are inspected and approved by the USDA for human consumption, and all of our ingredients are the same as you would find in a restaurant or grocery store. We use the same premium suppliers as the restaurant industry to source the highest quality ingredients for our meals.”

In addition to those ingredients, Just Food for Dogs states they use supplements to achieve the nutritional standards established by the National Research Council (NRC).

Just Food for Dogs says of their carbohydrate inclusions:

“Carbohydrates can be an excellent source of energy when that carbohydrate is from a whole-food, human-grade source… Dogs are not true carnivores. They can live without meat in their diet, although we believe a diet containing high-quality meat is much better for them. We include fresh vegetables and fruit which provide excellent sources of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, glucosinolates, thiocyanates, and a variety of vitamins.”

To get a feel for how much nutrition comes from those “fresh vegetables and fruit” we tried to find more information about the supplements Just Food for Dogs uses in their recipes. We discovered their nutrient blend is available for sale to make homemade dog food, but couldn’t find specific information about what’s in it or how much, only that:

“JFFD’s Nutrient Blend is formulated specifically for each recipe to meet NRC RA recommendations. The blend is compounded from 100% human-grade nutraceuticals sourced from a facility regulated by the FDA.”

just-food for dogs Sherman oaks
In addition to their Fresh Frozen and Pantry Fresh meals, JFD also offers an assortment of treats.

Just Food For Dogs Dog Food Recalls

It’s your job as a dog owner to choose a product that is healthy and safe for your dog. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to decipher the information on the pet food label and, even if you can, it doesn’t always give you an accurate picture of the brand as a whole.

We recommend checking out the recall history of the brand as well.

Product recalls can happen for a variety of reasons, but the basic idea is that if the FDA or the manufacturer discovers an issue, they stop sales until it can be fixed. Recalls happen for things as simple as labeling errors but can also be for serious problems like contaminated ingredients or inadequate formulation. Having a recall isn’t always an indication of a bad brand – accidents do happen.

Most of the fresh dog food companies we’ve tested are still fairly new and they put a great deal of effort into ensuring the safety of their products. Most of these companies have not had a single recall.

Unfortunately, Just Food for Dogs does have one product recall in its history. In January 2018, the brand voluntarily recalled three recipes including their Turducken recipe after a customer reported issues with diarrhea and vomiting. Upon testing the product, the brand found traces of Listeria monocytogenes.

Just Food for Dogs immediately notified their customers in a notice stating the following:

“Today, sadly, I announce the only recall in the history of our company. And, in keeping with our core values, we will be providing the maximum (as opposed to the minimum) amount of information and guidance on this matter.”

Just Food for Dogs ensured customers that additional testing was being completed to address the issue and prevent it from ever happening again. They encouraged customers who purchased the product to call immediately for a total refund and/or exchange for a different product.

Is Just Food For Dogs Worth The Cost?

Now that you know a little more about Just Food for Dogs and what our experience was like, you’re starting to think about whether it’s the right option for your dog. Before you make your decision, you probably have one big question that needs to be answered: is it worth the price?

There’s no denying that fresh food is more expensive than kibble, but the price isn’t the only thing worth considering. In the end, it’s about what will provide for your dog’s nutritional needs and what will keep him the healthiest in the long run.

Your dog’s health is the biggest factor in what could end up saving you money over time.

Think of it this way… Your dog’s health is a direct reflection of the quality of his diet. Without the nutrition he needs, his body won’t function properly, and he’ll be more likely to develop nutritional deficiencies and other health problems. As you already know, vet visits are expensive. The healthier your dog is, the fewer extra trips you’ll make to the vet and the longer you’ll get to enjoy your dog’s company. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Here are some additional benefits of feeding your dog premium dog food:

Improved and regulated digestion, less gas, and diarrhea
Reduced stool volume and odor
Healthier coat with less shedding
Increased energy levels and vitality
Healthy weight loss (when needed for overweight dogs)
Improved dental health and oral hygiene
Better urinary health, reduced risk for urinary tract infections (UTIs)

To keep your dog happy and healthy for as long as possible, you should feed him the highest quality diet you can consistently afford. Keep reading to learn more about our experience with Just Food for Dogs.

Choose from a wide variety of recipes, both fresh-frozen, and shelf-stable, with Just Food for Dogs.

How Do You Order It?

While many fresh dog food companies require you to sign up for an account and create a monthly subscription, Just Food for Dogs makes it easy. You can add items to your cart for a one-time purchase or you can create a recurring auto-ship order at your preferred frequency.

Here are some simple steps to order this brand:

Click the “Get Started” button at the top of the home page
Type in your dog’s name to the Feeding Calculator
Indicate your primary goal (ex: improve digestion, boost wellness, etc.)
Provide your email address for contact
Indicate any allergies your dog may have as well as his breed
Select your dog’s age, sex, and altered status (spayed or neutered)
Indicate your dog’s current weight, body type, and activity level
Select your dog’s current diet and how many treats he gets
View your personalized recommendations or create an order yourself

You can change, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account online. You can also make changes by contacting customer service.

Customer Service

At Just Food for Dogs, it’s just as important that you are happy as your dog is. The website provides plenty of information to help you make the right decision and there is an FAQ section you can consult at any time. Chat with an expert, call the customer support team, or send an email with questions.

Customer support is available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm Pacific, Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm, and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Just Food for Dogs offers over half a dozen Fresh Frozen recipes available in 18 and 72-ounce containers.

Tips For Making The Transition

Though some dogs can eat just about anything without batting an eye, others experience digestive upset with even the slightest change to their diet. To avoid upsetting your dog’s stomach, Just Food for Dogs recommends making the transition to the new dog food over 7 to 10 days. Fortunately, the process is very easy – you just need to make the switch before you run out of the old food entirely.

Here’s what Just Food for Dogs suggests for transitioning your dog:

Days 1 thru 3: Serve 25% Just Food for Dogs with 75% of your dog’s current diet
Days 4 thru 7: Serve 50% Just Food for Dogs with 50% of your dog’s current diet
Days 8 thru 10: Serve 75% Just Food for Dogs with 50% of your dog’s current diet
Days 11: Serve 100% Just Food for Dogs dog food

Every dog is different, so yours might the transition more quickly. On the other hand, he might need to spend an extra day or two adjustings. If your dog develops loose stools, go back to the previous step for another day or two before moving on to the next one.

Pros and Cons

When choosing dog food, there are many factors to consider. As a dog owner, you know what’s most important to you and your dog, so you need to do the research yourself. Every dog food brand has its pros and cons. Here are some of the things you need to know about Just Food for Dogs Pets:

Pros for Just Food for Dogs:

Wide variety of shelf-stable and fresh frozen recipes
Make a one-time purchase or create authorship with ease
Vet support and custom diets available for purchase
Cons for Just Food for Dogs:
Many recipes contain high levels of carbohydrates
Formulas aren’t portioned according to the dog’s calorie needs
Price varies widely for certain recipes (lamb is the most expensive)

At the end of the day, the decision is yours and you need to feel good about it. Consider what you’ve learned here about Just Food for Dogs and do your research if needed to make up your mind.

With Just Food for Dogs, you receive deliveries of fresh or shelf-stable dog food right to your door.

The Final Word

Overall, we have to say Just Food for Dogs does a good job of establishing itself as an option unique to other fresh food companies. They certainly have the edge when it comes to offering a variety of choices and we like that they give you the option to purchase products separately from creating a subscription or an auto-shipment.

That being said, we’re not a big fan of the products themselves. We find them much too high in carbohydrates for our liking and we’re not sure how we feel about the fact that the recipes aren’t formulated to AAFCO nutritional minimums but approved based on limited feeding trials.

If you’re looking for an easy entry into the world of fresh dog food and you want to explore the options, by all means, include Just Food for Dogs in your search. If you’ve already decided fresh food is the way to go, however, we encourage you to check out some of our other fresh dog food picks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Just Food for Dogs ever been recalled?

Yes, Just Food for Dogs experienced a voluntary recall of three recipes in January of 2018 due to positive testing for Listeria.

Is Just Food for Dogs food grain-free?

Most Just Food for Dogs recipes contain carbohydrates including grain-based ingredients. They do, however, offer a limited selection of grain-free options.

Is Just Food for Dogs food organic?

No. Just Food for Dogs uses restaurant-grade ingredients in their Fresh Frozen foods but they are not organic.

Is Just Food for Dogs food raw?

No, Just Food for Dogs offers wet food in 12.5-ounce containers and fresh frozen food. Both are cooked to kill pathogens.

How many calories per cup for Just Food for Dogs food?

The calorie content for Just Food for Dogs varies widely from one recipe to another. Their fresh frozen foods range from 28 to 45 calories per cup.

Can I cancel my Just Food for Dogs food subscription?

Just Food for Dogs makes it easy to adjust or cancel your authorship by logging into your account.

Where can I buy Just Food for Dogs food?

The best place to buy Just Food for Dogs is through their website online, though you can also purchase some products through Amazon. If you live near one of their open-to-the-public kitchens, you can walk right in and buy the food there.

Can you heat Just Food for Dogs food?

Just Food for Dogs has already been cooked and doesn’t need to be heated. If your dog prefers warm food, you can let it come to room temperature for 15 minutes or so.

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