Great Dane German Shepherd Mix

Great Dane German Shepherd Mix

It is the Great Dane German Shepherd mix is a unique crossbreed made of two large-sized dogs, the German Shepherd, and Great Dane.

Perhaps one of the less well-known breeds of designer dogs One of the less well-known designer dogs, the Great Dane German Shepherd is an enormous, gentle dog. Because they are extremely flexible and intelligent they are wonderful companions for a variety of people.

Also known as Great Shepherd or Dane Shepherd They combine the best traits of their purebred breed parents.

great dane and german shepherd mix
great dane and german shepherd mix

Great Shepherds usually inherit their intelligence levels through the German Shepherd parent, but they also inherit their friendly nature from the Great Danes.

The Great Dane German Shepherds are large and big dogs, which have qualities that make them a perfect companion dog as well as a working dog. They are intelligent, loyal, loving, and simple to train.

Great Shepherds can be found with nearly every kind of person, however, they need plenty of space and exercise considering their dimensions.

While these dogs could be perfect for people who live outside of the city home and can make a good addition to a family with children but they could be a hassle for those who live in an apartment that isn’t always at home.

German Shepherd Great Dane Mix Appearance

Since the German Shepherd and Great Dane mix is made up of two dogs which are among the biggest breeds of today, it follows the form of its parents.

Because they are an exclusive breed their coats’ colors and coats of dogs can vary in accordance with the genetics of their breed.

A Great Shepherd can have a dark-colored coat that has shades of brown and black or be a dog with a lighter color that has a light golden, or white coat.

Size and Weight

Great Shepherds differ in their height and weight significantly, and this depends on their genetics and lifestyle. They can range between the 22-inch mark and 32-inch (55 centimeters to 80 centimeters) at the shoulder, and weigh anywhere from 60 pounds to over 150 pounds (27 kg to 68 kg).

The weight and weight gain of the Great Shepherd are especially important to manage since they can eat excessively if they are they are given the chance and do not have enough exercise.


The breed typically has a medium-length coat that makes it easy to groom their coats. Due to their two parents having different lengths of coats and lengths, a Great Shepherd can have a shorter, smooth coat that they inherit from the Great Dane parent, or a medium-length, thick coat similar to the German Shepherd.

It could also be a combination of the genes of both parents which determines their coat’s length.

Great Shepherds come in a wide range of shades, due to the diverse styles of their owners. Some breeds are brown or black, which is similar to German Shepherds. other breeds can more resemble Great Danes, with lighter coat colors like lighter tan, and even gray.

Physical shape

Great Shepherds are muscular and large dogs with long legs that make them excellent runners. These dogs are large and muscular bodies, modeled after their parents.

They also have typically long ears and domed heads, which are similar to Great Danes as well as German Shepherds.

Great Shepherd Dog Origins

great dane german shepherd mix lifespan
great dane german shepherd mix lifespan

The exact sources for this German Shepherd and Great Dane mix are not yet understood. The mix was born due to the crossbreeding of two huge purebred dogs, namely a German Shepherd and a Great Dane, and is what makes this mix a designer breed.

To gain a better understanding of the primary features that make Great Shepherd dogs, it is helpful to have an in-depth examination of German Shepherds and Great Danes as a pair.

German Shepherd

The purebred dog is one of the most sought-after around the globe. The breed first appeared in the latter part of the 1800s in Germany and was developed by an officer in the cavalry who sought to breed the ideal sheepdog that could manage the herds of sheep.

The German Shepherd is recognized as intelligent and strong work that is reliable and peaceful. They are elegant and tall and can grow at up to 26in on the shoulder.

Their most popular coat colors are brown and black. the dogs wear an average-length double coat which protects them in the winter months.

In general, the dogs are very easy to care for despite their size, since they are not afflicted by health issues, require only minimal grooming, and also have pleasant temperaments.

Great Dane

A very loved breed Great Danes are big breeds that were initially bred to hunt wild boars. But, as time has passed they’ve also evolved into companion dogs because of their affectionate and loving nature.

The Great Danes that we have today are likely to date all the way to 1909 when they were employed by the German nobles for estate guarding and hunting large animals.

Great Danes are higher than German Shepherds, having a height of 32 inches or more at the shoulder. If they stand on their backs they’re more than any human.

In spite of their massive size, they are a lot of fun and playful, since they enjoy being around people.

Great Dane German Shepherd Mix Personality and Temperament

Great Shepherds exhibit the best character characteristics of their parents, which makes them a beloved breed.

Typically Great Shepherds fit well with a wide range of people since they have the ability to empathize and enjoy being with people.

The ideal scenario for Great Shepherds is being part of a large family The dogs are incredibly affectionate towards children and will quickly develop protective behavior around the ones they see as a part of their group.

Despite their size, they aren’t likely to cause them to cause harm the child.

But when they have to defend their loved ones and cherish, Great Shepherds are known to be quite aggressive, particularly with other dogs they believe could pose an issue.

This is why it’s beneficial to introduce them to dogs from an early age so that they’re more accustomed to encountering them in the future.

Furthermore, they will not be a suitable choice for those who live in a tiny area and enjoys being with their owners.

In such a setting Great Shepherds are prone to adopt destructive behaviors that could negatively impact the lives of their owners.

Taking Care of a Great Dane and German Shepherd Mix

great dane german shepherd mix puppy
great dane german shepherd mix puppy

It’s not as difficult to take good care of the Great Shepherds as it appears initially. Although they require lots of exercise and space they are also simple to follow, and grooming shouldn’t be a daunting task at all.

The most important thing is that Great Shepherd dogs are naturally healthy, due to the genes that come from their active parents.

In general, caring for taking care for a Great Dane German Shepherd mix is more straightforward than you imagine when you adhere to a few simple guidelines.

Food Needs

Great Shepherds, who are big and active dogs naturally burn lots of calories if they do sufficient exercise.

They need between four to 5 cups of meals each day. This portion can also be spread into two or three meals per day.

It could be based on your schedule and the dog’s preferences.

German Shepherd and Great Dane mix-breeds typically don’t need any particular diet.

As a general rule it is best to feed your dog high-quality dog food and ensure that they are getting a minimum of 22% protein in their diets.

But, it is important to take care not to feed your Great Shepherd.

They have a difficulty controlling how much they require. It’s recommended to be very strict with the quantity of food you offer them. Otherwise, it could result in an increase in weight quickly.

Grooming Needs

Great Shepherds require very little grooming, especially with their medium or short coats.

The simple act of brushing them twice or once each week should be enough to eliminate any dirt they may have collected from their fur on their walks.

They don’t require regular baths, and you are able to bathe them at any time you feel appropriate or create an easy routine.

The sole grooming issue typically encountered by Great Shepherds is shedding, which occurs twice per year, during the transitional seasons in spring and autumn.

During these times it is recommended to increase the frequency of brushing every day, or at least once twice or a week.

Exercise Needs

The exercise that dogs require more than anything else.

Inactivity throughout their lives could cause negative mood joints, achy joints, and even obesity. This is why it is essential to let the dogs exercise as much as they can to keep them healthy and content.

Great Shepherds require a minimum of one hour of exercising each day and two long walks every day. If you are thinking of purchasing the German Shepherd and Great Dane mix ensure that the dog has enough room for daily physical exercise.

Ideally, dogs have the best time in a house that has gardens or a yard.

Mental Needs

Due to the high degree of intelligence found in Great Shepherds, they require lots of mental stimulation in a variety of types, like training, exercises for the mind, various games, and interaction with different breeds and individuals.

Apart from activities aimed to improve their brains they also require plenty of communication due to their social nature.

If Great Shepherds don’t receive sufficient attention from owners they may be frustrated, which can lead to destructive behaviors, and sometimes depression.

Common Health Concerns

It is believed that the German Shepherd and Great Dane mix is generally a healthy and active dog. Similar to most mixed breeds they aren’t afflicted with any particular diseases however, they may suffer from health issues that are common to all dogs.

If you are the owner of a Great Shepherd, it’s important to be aware of these problems and be ready to help your dog if needed.

One of the most frequent issues in their health Great Shepherds can be cancer. This is a condition that they may inherit from their parents who are purebred. Although Great Danes are more likely to be afflicted by lymph or bone tumors, they could be diagnosed with spleen cancer as they age, meaning they could be affected by spleen cancer. German Shepherd and Great Dane mix may inherit one or both kinds of this deadly disease.

Additionally, Great Shepherds are at risk of heart disease, diabetes, and joint issues, the latter being a frequent problem for German Shepherds.

To avoid these issues, ensure that your dog’s diet is free of sugar, and also that it is getting enough exercise throughout its lifespan.

Training a German Shepherd and Great Dane Mix

Due to their high intelligence, Great Shepherds are easily trained. While training, ensure that your learning process is reinforced with positive reinforcements, such as treats for dogs. Below are some guidelines for puppy training to aid you.

For dogs with a tendency to be punished the punishment-based approach isn’t as efficient. German Shepherds are affectionate and sensitive, and their reaction to punishment could be unpredictable.

It is recommended that the German Shepherd and Great Dane mix should begin training as early as possible between 7 and 9 weeks old. The early training will create wonderful family pets but also excellent watchdogs since they naturally have the instinct of protection they acquired from their German Shepherd parents.

It’s also beneficial to allow your dog to interact with other dogs and people’s pets early on. In this way, the Great Shepherd can grow up being less aggressive in a new environment, and also more at ease with people they’ve never met before.

German Shepherd Great Dane Cost

The price associated with German Shepherd Great Dane could vary widely, based on their genetic lineage. They are also quite expensive in terms of daily expenses since they require lots of high-quality food. But, over time they can be offset by fewer grooming requirements and fewer health problems.

How Much is a Shepherd Great Dane Mix?

The price of a German Shepherd Great Dane mix could cost between $400 to $1000. The cost for the dogs, should you choose to adopt puppies, can vary according to their lineage and characteristics of their parents, and their reputation as breeders.

It is, however, always better to select a breeder that has a positive reputation in the market since this will ensure that your puppy grows to be healthy and will not have any hidden health issues right from the beginning.

How Much Does it Cost to Raise a Great Dane and German Shepherd Mix?

Meet the nutritional requirements that are required by the German Shepherd and Great Dane mix is about $100 per month when the dog is old enough due to their huge amounts of calories due to their size and their energy levels.

In addition, you don’t need to spend a lot on their grooming since they don’t require any special style. Additionally, you’ll be able to spend less on health care since these pets don’t suffer from a variety of illnesses until they’re old.

Should You Get a German Shepherd Great Dane Mix?

The German Shepherd and Great Dane mix is a loving, intelligent and gorgeous dog that brings joy to any household with a large number of people. The dogs are extremely adaptable and can soon be an integral part of any home.

They’re the ideal pet for large families who live in the countryside. they’ll fit perfectly in families with children.

But the dog might not be the ideal option for those living under the demands of an urban apartment, since they require lots of space and interaction with their owners.

Excellent Shepherd Dogs is Suitable for:

Great Shepherd Dogs are Suitable for families that live in a home that is not within the city. They are great children’s game companions and be a constant guardian for their owners as well as their beloved family members.

The high-energy, athletic dogs are ideal companions for people who enjoy adventure and sports and will be happy to go on an adventure out in the wild together with their owners.

Great Shepherd Dogs are NOT suitable for:

Great Shepherd Dogs are NOT ideal for people who enjoy living in cities. They do not get at ease in a confined space like an apartment. They can cause their owners difficulty with their destructive behavior, such as loud barking and breaking objects.

Great Shepherds are also difficult pets for older people, as they may have difficulty with their demands for exercise.

Three Reasons Not to Buy the Great Dane crossed With German Shepherd

1. It takes a while to become familiar with strangers. German Shepherd Great Danes model much after their German Shepherd parents in this case. They are great watchdogs who are always alert and vigilant around strangers similar to German Shepherds. They’ll need more time to get used to a person who is new to them.

You should get them socialized and trained at the earliest possible time to make them comfortable with family members or friends, neighbors, and even other pets.

2. Needs a large area for movement. Because of their dimensions, these dogs require plenty of room to roam around and play. They’re not the best choice for pets for those who live in tiny spaces. These breeds are more suitable for houses with more areas or with a large yard, as they enjoy being outside, too.

So, they will be active and have the ability to play at any time they’d like. They can easily get bored and whenever they are bored, they could be inclined to behave or engage in bad behavior like excessive barking, or even destructive behavior.

3. They require plenty of exercises. The hybrid is extremely active and would require that from its owners, too. It is advised for them to be active by doing plenty of exercises. This can help in managing their weight and their temperament. They need to be walked regularly and running, or engage in play with dogs and also some time outside, such as regular visits to the dog park.

A German Shepherd cross with a Great Dane is an active and intelligent dog and requires lots of attention and care. It is crucial that they have mental and physical stimulation.

Three Reasons to Consider an Excellent Dane Mixed with German Shepherd

  1. Loyal and loving pets. Great Dane German Shepherds aren’t always keen to meet new people however once they have gotten to know someone, they are your most trustworthy friend. They’re always eager to please and are devoted to their families. They are extremely grateful for the attention and time you give them. In return, they will be grateful to you with love and love.
  2. They’re the perfect guard dog. Active, protective, and always alert. These are traits that make them an ideal watchdog. Their size, build physical appearance, and build additions to their job and makes them appear intimidating. If they are properly trained, they’ll be able to keep their bark in place for situations that they need to be alert to or alert their owners. They will be vigilant to protect their beloved ones.
  3. It is easier to maintain. Their Great Dane lineage gives their coats a shorter length, which makes them much easier to maintain. They shed only every two years. Contrary to those like the German Shepherd who has longer coats, this cross might require brushing every day and bathed only when necessary or when there are regular gaps.

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