German Shepherd Wolf Mix

German Shepherd Wolf Mix

The German Shepherd Wolf Mix cross is a blend of the most desirable traits of the German shepherd and the wolf. This breed has powerful wolf-like characteristics and is often mistaken for wild wolves.

As early as 1935 Leendert Saarloos bred a German shepherd and a wild Eurasian Wolf.

Leendert christened the breed as a Saarloos Wolfdog.

He created this wolfdog breeding with the intention of preserving the characteristics and appearance of a wolf while incorporating the dog’s domestication. He succeeded in breeding the first German shepherd mix. He stated the breed as reliable, protective, and hardworking.

german shepherd wolf mix
german shepherd wolf mix

3 Little-Known Facts About German Shepherd Wolf Mixes

1. There Is No Breed Registry for Wolf Mixes

Wolf mixes aren’t just unrecognized by AKC as well as other licensing organizations There’s also no registry for them whatsoever. This means that there’s no reliable method to verify you that the German Shepherd Wolf Mix has any wolves whatsoever.

There’s even a bit of disagreement about what a wolf-wolf mix is. Many experts say that the term “wolf mix” refers to one that has a purebred wolf in its bloodline, within five or four generations. Some people disagree with that assertion However, they come up with their own way of declaring something to be”a “wolf mix.”

No matter which measurement you choose to decide to use it’s impossible to determine the truth about whether you’re German Shepherd Wolf Mix is an actual wolf mix. It’s a different thing to think about when you’re thinking about purchasing an animal of this breed.

2. The “Wolf-Like” Behavior Often Doesn’t Start Until Adolescence

If you take a German Shepherd Wolf Mix puppy at home, you’ll probably believe you’ve got an ordinary dog. They behave just like puppies the majority of the time.

But, as they begin to mature, Wolf-like traits begin to manifest. They might begin to show up slowly during the adolescent years before becoming very evident in adulthood. But, each animal is unique, and based on the parents’ genes prevailed in the mix, it could remain similar to a dog for the rest of their lives.

A lot of people have fallen in the love with a wolf mix puppy believing that it has traits of a wolf, however, the sweet characteristics of the dog. It could be true in certain instances however in other cases, the puppy grew up to be a formidable pet indeed.

3. They Can Be Quite Unpredictable

You’d think that a wolf-wolf mix would be confident and confident, never back away against anyone or any other thing. But the truth is that, while they can be fierce, they are also known to be extremely timid and sly.

They are terrified of humans (and to good effect, unfortunately). So, while you German shepherd Wolf Mix would readily sacrifice their lives in order for their family members, they tend to stay in a corner and hide from strangers when they are around.

This can result in unsafe situations, particularly with children. Many feel that they have to “force” their mix to be social, and place them in environments that they do not like. If you force these dogs over their limit The Wolf is likely to eventually show up — and it could result in devastating consequences.

Temperament & Intelligence of the German Shepherd Wolf Mix

german shepherd mix with wolf
german shepherd mix with wolf

The character of the temperament of a German Shepherd Wolf Dog Mix will depend largely on the genes of the parent that win out. Some dogs follow the canine breed as their own and others prefer their wolf-like lineage.

As a general rule, you can count on to find your German Shepherdwolf Mix extremely secure and loyal to their family members however, they are wary of strangers. They are more likely to run away and hide whenever trouble occurs which is why they’re not the most vigilant dog breed in the world.

Because of the wolf-like nature of these dogs, they are likely to be more pack-oriented than other breeds. Because of this, they are more prone to anxiety over separation and thrive in families with plenty of people to talk to. You might even decide to provide them with a dog companion, though this may be a different set of issues.

They’re intelligent animals, and German Shepherds are among the smartest dogs around wolves and are well-known for their intelligence too. They are able to pick up commands fast, but they’re not as enthusiastic about pleasing as a normal German Shepherd would be.

This intelligence makes them able to escape artists, however. They’re prone to wanderlust, so even if you don’t have a secure yard, they could be able to figure out an escape route. It’s best to have a big fence that has plenty of security.

Are These Dogs Good for Families?

German Shepherd Mixes will guard their families and live their own lives, however, they’re not necessarily the perfect family pet.

It’s true that you shouldn’t allow dogs that have wolf DNA into the home of children. They’re just too unpredictable including wolf mixes as well as young children. Small children often push the pet too much and you’ll never think about when the beast might emerge.

If you do decide to bring the animal into your home with children do not let them wander around alone. It is also important to instruct your children on how to handle the pet, and make sure they aren’t causing any harm to their toys or food, hurting the animal, or in any other way.

The older kids might be able to coexist with them, but they may not be able to get along. If your kids are more mature and mature, you may be in a position to bring any of them into your home without a problem. It is still important to interact with the dog with a lot of love, however, be extra cautious when you have guests over.

This assumes you are able to manage one of these animals, obviously. If you’re not an experienced pet owner, then purchase a pet that is more manageable such as the Labrador.

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

Because of how pack-oriented they are, a lot of german shepherd mixes do well with other dogs around the home. They are easily lonely and could become depressed when you leave them alone for long durations of time.

However, they might be at risk of aggression with other dogs too. The pack culture is a more significant issue for wolves than dogs, and your pet might be more prone to dominance. You’ll need to interact with your pet in the best way you can before the introduction of another dog.

Other pets, However, are probably to be a risk. Smaller animals and cats will likely be considered as food and not as a companion So, you must be sure to keep Your German Shepherd Wolf Mix at a safe distance from them as much as you can.

This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to get the German Shepherd Wolf Mix and cats however this is extremely dangerous. We think it’s not worth taking the risk.

This also implies that you must ensure that your dog is in a safe collar and leash (or harness) on walks. If they become loose and start to be aggressive towards other animals, such as pets of your neighbors.

Things to Know When Owning a German Shepherd Wolf Mix

german shepherd wolf husky mix
german shepherd wolf husky mix

Being the German Shepherd Wolf Mix presents numerous challenges you will not encounter with other breeds. It’s possible that you won’t be up to the challenge until you understand the amount of work involved in the care of one of these pets.

To help you prepare to be ready for the adventure to make it easier for you, we’ve created an easy guide to how to properly care for the German Shepherd Wolf Mix.

Once you’ve mastered the basics You’ll realize that maintaining a dog around isn’t as difficult as it might appear however, it’s something that should be reserved for those who are aware of the ropes.

Food & Diet Requirements

The dimension of the animal in your blend, you may have a small dog or a large one in your possession. This will impact the amount they consume, but you can be sure that they will be able to eat well regardless.

It is recommended to give them a kibble rich in protein because this will supply them with plenty of lean meat to use as fuel. They are active dogs and require all the energy they can. Also, try to find foods that are rich in fats to help them feel fuller for longer and also rich in fiber to maintain regularity.

Avoid ingredients that are problematic, such as soy and wheat, as well as corn, or animal by-products as they can cause your dog to gain weight and not offer anything in terms of nutrition. A lot of dogs struggle with processing these ingredients too.

The dogs could be susceptible to spinal and joint issues later in life, particularly in dogs that are on the larger side. It’s therefore essential to ensure that their weight is in check. Alongside providing them with a healthy diet, it’s important to maintain strict control over portions and make sure they don’t feed on their own.

You might want to offer your pet supplements with glucosamine (or other supplements for joint support) beginning when they’re young. This can help prevent some of these issues however what’s most crucial is to ensure that they don’t gain weight.


Both parents are extremely active, so it’s expected that any mix of both is likely to have plenty of vigor and vim. Therefore, you should expect to give your pet lots of exercise.

This is especially crucial because dogs can be destructive if they are bored. They can chew on furniture and shoes Their favorite activity is digging holes. They could easily ruin your lawn completely if it isn’t properly tucked out.

It’s likely that you’ll require an hour or two of exercise each day. It’s more straightforward if you have a vast backyard to be able to patrol however, even if that’s an option, then you’ll have to give them something more demanding.

Walking for long distances is a great idea, however, it is also advisable to play with the kids, or engage in something that demands more energy each day. Make sure to not push them to run or jump excessively, as it can put a lot of stress on their spinal cords.

The stimulation of the mind is also crucial. You can provide them with the game of hide-and-seek, or puzzle toys or have them go through a long-running training session.


Training isn’t an option when you have the German Shepherd Wolf Mix. They’re strong and unpredictable. If you don’t get control of their behavior, you could set yourself up for failure.

Their inherent ability to learn allows them to grasp commands quickly, however, they’re typically much more independent than the pure German Shepherd. This means that they might not be willing to please. Consequently, you’ll require a strong hand to achieve the results you want.

Be aware it is important to note that “having a firm hand” is not a sign of being cruel to animals. They prefer positive reinforcement. Try to persuade them that they are cooperative by offering food or affection.

If you discipline these dogs you can expect them to be afraid and withdraw. This not only reduces the chance of getting the desired behavior from them, but it may result in them repressing their emotions. The problem is that in the end, the emotions will become a hot mess. It could cause negative consequences for you.

If you’re not sure of your ability to train, you should not purchase any type of mixed wolf. It is possible to enlist help from a trained professional but the animals will appreciate you more when you’re the one giving commands.


One thing that Wolf and German Shepherd be in agreement on is that they shed as much as they can. If you’re a dog owner with the mix, you’ll have to manage a significant volume of dog hair so you should be prepared for it.

The shedding can be quite severe every year when canines blow out their coats. It is recommended to visit an expert groomer during these times to keep the problem under control.

You’ll also have to regularly brush them to ensure that the coat remains clean and free of tangles. This is particularly important if you spend a significant amount of time outdoors since their fur acts as magnets for brambles and other particles.

You’ll only have to wash them when they are clearly dirty, however, you’ll be required to clean their teeth as well as for trim the claws on a regular basis. They should be able to adjust to these procedures as they grow up since you don’t want a fully grown dog to decide that they’ve not had enough teeth brushing when they’re in a lock.

Make sure you keep their ears clean as they are susceptible to infections. Use a moist cloth to clean the insides of the ear once per week. Dry them completely after you’re done.

Health and Conditions

german shepherd and wolf mix
german shepherd and wolf mix

German Shepherd Wolf Mixes aren’t at risk of many health issues, in fact, they are more likely to live longer than purebred German shepherds.

One of the main reasons is that mixes don’t possess a hind end that slopes downwards similar to purebred German Shepherds. This decreases the likelihood of developing spinal problems later in life.

They aren’t predisposed to a variety of illnesses. But, there are a few issues to be aware of.

Height and Weight

A German Shepherd weighs between 65-90lbs (male) and 50-70lbs (female). Males weigh around 24 to 26 inches and females are between 22-24 inches.

As wild animals have no breed standard, the Wolf has no breed standard. It can vary from 70-100lbs.

Therefore, based on sex, age diet and genetics, and diet, the German Shepherd Wolf mix could weigh between 50 and 100 pounds. It is expected that they will measure between 20 and 26 inches tall.


Pups are available in various colors, as the iconic German Shepherd has 11 different official colors that are the most well-known being black and Tan.

However, they also come in colors like black, white, sable, and gray.

Wolves are often gray-colored or mottled in their color, however, they may be almost pure brown, white, red, or black.

The hue that a German Shepherd Wolf mix is dependent on the colors their parents are, as well as which genetic gene is dominant. It is important to note that every pup from a wolfdog litter is identical.


German Shepherds have two coats that are thick and is medium-length. They have a thick outer coat that is straight that is closer to the human body. Wolves’ coats are extremely dense, and they become extremely fluffy in winter. They wear short undercoats as well as longer rough outer coats.

It is believed that the GSD along with Wolves have coats that are very similar It is therefore likely that their mixture will feature an additional coat, as well as medium-length fur.

They shed their hair every year by shedding their winter coats as the weather becomes warmer.

The safest thing to do is say this crossbreed shouldn’t be kept in warmer climates.

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