German Shepherd Pug Mix

German Shepherd Pug Mix

German Shepherd Pug Mix have only begun to be crossbred fairly recently. But the huge and sustained popularity of these breeds indicates these breeds will continue to become more popular. What kind of dogs are they?

German Shepherd Pug Mix
German Shepherd Pug Mix

German Shepherd Pug mixes (‘Shugs’) are a loyal and affectionate breed with plenty of energy. These dogs can be difficult to train and should be socialized well as puppies. However, they are fairly simple to handle. Common health problems for this breed are breathing problems and joint dysplasia such as BOAS.

Since they were just recently brought to be, there’s not a lot of information on Shugs on the internet!

In this post, we’ll go through all you must be aware of this beautiful and adorable dog.

What Is a Shug?

Shug is a Shug is the result of a cross between the German Shepherd and a Pug one of the most loved dogs on earth!

As we’ve mentioned before cross-breed was been in existence only in the past. It’s worth noting that the word “Shug” may be a reference to interbreeding between the breeds of a Pug and Shih Tzu. Shih Tzu, although this breed is often referred to as”Pug-Zu..’

In the case of breeding Shugs, The German Shepherd is always the mother. The reason is that female pugs are too small to be able to hold bigger Shug puppies and give birth without putting themselves at risk of serious health issues.

Is a Shug the Right Breed for Me?

Shugs can be wonderful dogs for many different owners. As long as they’re socialized from a young age, Shugs’ calm demeanor is ideal for families with small children.

But, they’ll need approximately 45 minutes of exercise each day, so you need to be prepared to take them on walks, and then play with them with toys, and other toys to keep their minds engaged.

We will go over the amount of exercise the Shug needs will depend on several aspects, such as their size.

Do You Have Enough Space?

Shugs are typically medium-sized dogs that require some exercise, so having lots of room is definitely an advantage. However, as long as you have a place to take them on an outing, having plenty of space isn’t required.

You could always add outdoor playtime with indoor activities by using toys specifically specially designed to keep the dog’s heart rate increasing.

Also, although Shugs Shug can benefit from having plenty of space They are also ideal for being in an apartment, provided that they are given enough time to play.

They certainly require less space than a pure German Shepherd.

Do You Have Experience or Access to a Professional Dog Trainer?

German Shepherds are incredibly loyal, to the point that they are able to be fiercely guardians of their owners. However, the happy-go-lucky nature of pugs can neutralize some of this protection which makes Shugs a non-aggressive breed.

It is not required to have any experience or access to an expert trainer. It is nevertheless important to get them socialized and trained early in order to ensure that they don’t become too cautious.

German Shepherd and Pug Basic Facts

After we have a general concept of what to expect from Shugs, Shug Let’s take a close review of each breed’s individual. Each breed has its own distinct background and character traits that will allow you to better comprehend Shugs. Let’s get started!

German Shepherd Basic Facts

German shepherds first developed in Germany in the latter part of 1800 through captain Max Stephanitz, who was looking to develop the perfect guard dog. They quickly became sought-after pets due to their loyalty, intelligence as well as trainability.

They are now among the top popular breeds that are used for police dogs and even seeing-eye dogs. It is due to the ease with which to train them.

The German Shepherd is also famous for its sharp nose. It is generally accepted that dogs’ noses are greater than humans and German Shepherds have one of the most potent noses among dogs.

They also have a definite need to exercise, as they were originally bred to be sheep-herding dogs (as their name suggests). So, adopting the title of a Shepherd requires taking a lot of walks!

Pug Basic Facts

The Pug is an amazing breed with a fascinating tradition. It is not clear the date when pugs first came into existence and how long ago, but it’s likely to be between 827 BC and 150 BC.

The more obvious thing is that they were bred to serve as lapdogs to be used by Chinese royals. The early Chinese philosophical philosopher Confucius even mentioned a short-mouthed pet’ within a book that dates back to 551 BC.

Pugs eventually became pets to European royals too. A possible authentic tale even states that Dutch Prince William of Orange (later William III) was saved by a dog when it warned him about approaching Spaniards.

Josephine Bonaparte, who later married Napoleon and later marry Napoleon, is believed to conceal messages to her family members in the dog’s collar when Josephine was imprisoned. Another well-known historic Pug owner is Marie the Antoinette.

What to Expect With the Pug German Shepherd Mix

Watch the video to get a picture of what to expect from the Puggle German Shepherd Mix. As you can see, both breeds can be easy to recognize in the overall appearance of this adorable puppy!

If you choose to purchase Shug, you can be sure of a faithful and loving pet with a soft disposition and a playful personality. However, it has to be noted that you must be prepared to be ready for a lot of chaos.

Also, be prepared for the housebreaking process to be difficult since the majority of Shugs is bred to the Pug’s stubbornness. Here are some of the characteristics that you will find in the Shug


Due to Their German Shepherd lineage, Shugs are very loving dogs. Even though poorly trained German Shepherds are often guardians of their owners to the point of threatening The Pug family lineage which is the Shug is the reason they are generally calmer than purebred Shepherds.

It is important to educate the Shug well, especially in cases where you have a German Shepherd is the dominant part of their genetic make-up.


A properly trained German Shepherd can be extremely kind and gentle. Combine this with a Pug which is one of the softest breeds of dogs and you’ll get one very docile dog.

However, it is imperative to stress that the proper training is necessary to foster these qualities. That involves socialization starting at a young age.

Don’t confuse gentleness and tranquility. While Shugs isn’t always violent, they do have plenty of energy.


Similar to their size, the length of a coat will vary according to which family member is dominant: Shepherd or Pug.

The majority of the time, Shugs have medium-length coats that require grooming approximately every week. The coat of their dog it might be that they need grooming every week twice or they just require grooming every couple of weeks.

In terms of color, Shug coats could be found in black, cream brindle, caramel, or black.

Health Concerns

German Shepherd Pug Mix Dog
German Shepherd Pug Mix Dog

Pugs are known to have issues with their health, particularly when it comes to breathing. This is not an issue with Shugs because the long snout of the German Shepherd is a way to compensate for the squashed face of the Pug.

The presence of German Shepherds in them, however, has certain problems for the health of the Shug. Here are some things to keep an eye out for:


German shepherds are more prone to Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) often referred to as bloat. It can be a very serious and life-threatening disease, therefore it’s essential to be on the lookout for it.

Bloat is a condition that occurs when a dog’s stomach is enlarged and filled with gas that can hinder the passage of water and food into the stomach.

Bloat is usually observed in breeds that have deep chests, and this is definitely something to keep an eye for if you suspect your pet is a descendent of their mother’s size.

The dog with bloat might want to vomit but nothing is released. Other signs include a stiff, swollen belly, drooling and abdominal pain.

Go to the vet as soon as they exhibit any of these signs!


BAOS which stands for Brachycephalic airway obstruction syndrome is a challenge that is encountered by Boxers, Pugs, Pitbulls, and more.

The dogs are designed to have snouts with flat sides for aesthetic reasons. This makes their airway obstructions, making it hard for the dog to breathe.

Fortunately, Shugs is less susceptible to suffering from BAOS than pugs due to the long snout of the German Shepherd helps compensate for the shorter Pug’s snout. However, there is a chance that Shugs with a Shug that is inherited with more Pug characteristics than Shepherd traits could still be afflicted by BAOS.

If your pet has a flat nose be cautious about taking the dog for long walks, especially if the weather is extremely hot because this can cause them to breathe more deeply.

Another consequence of BAOS is that dogs may snore, breathe heavily, or even honk!

Joint Problems

Shugs is susceptible to dislocations of the elbow or hip. It is a condition where the elbow or hip joints are not formed correctly and is quite prevalent among German Shepherds.

This, as well as countless other health advantages, makes it important to not overfeed Snacks as obesity can cause joint dysplasia more severe.

Dysplasia of the elbow or hip may cause early-onset arthritis as well as joint pain. It can also be extremely uncomfortable for the dog.

Because it is a genetic condition that causes it, breeders are advised not to breed dogs who is suffering from this disease. But, what can make this difficult is the fact that symptoms usually are not evident till later on in the dog’s lifespan.


Obesity is a major issue for dogs and has become widespread, particularly for dogs in the US. In the world, up to 70% of all dogs are overweight or obese.

Obesity can be particularly harmful to Shug as discussed in the previous paragraph due to their propensity to develop elbow and hip dysplasia.

One way to keep the dog’s development of overweight is to not feed their table scraps. Studies have revealed an association with table scraps as well as overweight dogs.

As well as increasing the severity and likelihood of dysplasia, being overweight in dogs is associated with an elevated risk of developing cancer as well as heart disease, diabetes as well as hypertension.

German Shepherd Pug Mix Allergies

Shugs is also susceptible to allergies that are specific, such as the grass and pollen. They typically manifest as itchy skin or the ear.

If it’s readily accessible, it’s recommended to feed your Shug food that is marked as hypoallergenic, since it reduces the chance of developing symptoms.

The majority of the time, it’s an issue of managing the symptoms, not treating the allergies.


Due to Their German Shepherd genes, Shugs is very facile to train. However, the aptitude of the Pug will probably help a lot too.

Shugs is so simple to train they are able to serve as service dogs, as guide dogs to blind persons.

As we’ve mentioned it is essential to learn to train Shugs at an early age because, in the absence of training, they may be overprotective of their owner and can even become aggressive because of love.

But, it has to be stated that many Shugs have the stubbornness typical of Pugs. This could make them more difficult to train as compared to a Pure German Shepherd, especially when they have to break the house. However, they are easier to train than pure Pug.


pug and german shepherd mix
pug and german shepherd mix

Shugs are friendly dogs and when trained, they will seldom show aggression. This is mostly due to their Pug family, but a trained German Shepherd can also be extremely snuggly.

Shugs is a lot of fun and playful pets, but they can also be dependent. Like all dogs, the dog’s temperament will be determined by the breed and the dog’s experiences in life. Dogs who have been mistreated could be distrustful of people.

A Shug who is well treated But, they’ll be trustworthy, affectionate, and friendly with strangers and family members alike.

Training is crucial, no doubt but showing them love and care can help them grow into one of the happy dogs you can find.

Nutritional Requirements

A Shug requires around two cups of dried food every day. Like many things, the exact amount of food required will vary based on the size of the dog.

It will be based on the traits the dog has acquired from each member of the same family. A dog with a particular German Shepherd-like will require greater amounts of food than one who is more Puggy.

If you’re unsure of what kind of food to purchase for your pet, talk to your veterinarian to determine what healthier alternatives exist in the local area. They will also weigh your pet and use that data to determine exactly the amount of food they require each day.

Make sure you ask your dog about healthy snacks that you can offer to your dog when they’re acting appropriately.

Exercising a German Shepherd Pug Mix

How the amount of exercise a Shug can get from dog to dog is dependent on the traits it inherited in its family.

If your dog is more like a German Shepherd than a Pug It will require more exercise than the Shug which looks more like the pug.

If your puppy has the squat-faced face of pugs, they might have breathing issues in the event that they spend too much time exercising, particularly in hot temperatures.

The typical Shug should be taken out for a walk for 45 minutes every day in order to maintain their health. If you notice they’re experiencing breathing issues or joint pains on their walks, you can try going to shorter walks more often. 20 minutes twice per day will be sufficient.

If your dog is experiencing serious breathing problems when walking, be sure you take your pet to the vet to get it examined.

Cost of a German Shepherd Pug Mix

The price of a dog will depend on the pedigree of the dog and the breeder. The majority of breeders will request about $500 for the price of a Shug puppy, however, some breeders may ask for up to $2,000.

In terms of the long-term cost owning Shugs can be costly. However, this is contingent on the size of the dog and the extent to which they suffer from medical problems.

If your pet suffers from elbow dysplasia or hip dysplasia, for example, the costs of a vet visit could be quite costly. Regular exercise and a balanced diet will keep your dog happy and healthy.

Can Shugs Reproduce?

All dogs belong to the family known as Canis Lupus Familiaris no matter the kind of dog. As a result, every dog is able to reproduce with any breed (depending on the size as well as sex and other factors).

This means that dog mixes such as the Shug, and the puggle porgy are able to reproduce not just with their own breed, but also with any dog breed they meet. So If you do not want to deal with puppy dogs, you may want to think about having your pet neutered. If you’re looking for breeding your shuggle then you’ll know that you have the option of breeding cute German pug and shepherd mixes without owning either of them.


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