German Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix

German Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix

It is believed that the German Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix is a fairly recent crossbreed. It’s believed that this hybrid was developed around 30 years ago.

This is a working dog with a lot of strength. It’s smart, canny, and determined. It is sturdy, and committed to the job that it is assigned, whether as an animal guardian of livestock assistant. It can also be prone to be stubborn and stubborn. It’s an intelligent dog that thrives with an experienced and strong pack leader.

As with other hybrids like other hybrids, the Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix will have the traits of both breeds’ parents. In particular, this mixed breed of GSD as well as Blue Heeler, which is sometimes referred to by the name of Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) is likely to be as friendly and relaxed as the former, but with the enthusiasm of the latter.

But it’s impossible to discern whether your pet is inclined to favor one parent over the other, as you’re still young. However, it is certain that it is smarter and healthier as compared to its elders.


German Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix
German Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix

3 reasons why you shouldn’t get A Heeler in Blue Heeler German Shepherd

  • They tend to be destructive and neurotic. The Blue Heeler German Shepherd is blessed (or cursed) by the high energy levels of the parent breeds. It requires a lot of physical as well as a mental exercise. It will become bored and an aggressive and destructive dog with a hefty dose of energy.
  • grooming can be a permanent occupation for these breeds. It’s likely that this breed will require regular grooming, particularly if it inherits the German Shepherd’s tendency shed in spring.
  • It’s a risky choice for youngsters as well as other pets. Blue Heelers have a bad reputation for their behavior toward small children. The offspring of mixed breeds can be similarly affected. The high energy levels of this dog can result in a raucous playing that dogs of smaller sizes, as well as children of a younger age, aren’t equipped to handle.

3 Reasons You Should Purchase A German Shepherd Blue Heeler

  1. It is an excellent pet to guard. Like its parent breeds, they are German Shepherd Blue Heeler is extremely loyal and guardian, particularly in relation to its families.
  2. It is a fast beginner. You will have no problem educating this hybrid, so long as you’ve got the knowledge and leadership abilities it requires in an Alpha. It is also helpful to have a person who knows the details of positive reinforcement.
  3. It’s a dog that’s up to tackle everything. The German Heeler is always on the lookout, curious and active. It’s the perfect pet for anyone with an active life.

Additional German Shepherd & Blue Heeler Mixes

The breed that fits your needs is the most crucial decision you’ll ever make. Every year, tens of thousands of dogs end up being abandoned or placed up for adoption due to the dog’s owner was negligent and didn’t conduct a thorough search prior to deciding on a breed that doesn’t fit their lifestyle.

Appearance, personality, and traits of the Heeler GSD Mix

blue heeler and german shepherd mix
blue heeler and german shepherd mix

As a dog that is designed The personality and temperament of the Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix will be influenced by the parent breed it takes after. You’ll be able to know the characteristics of your hybrid dog by studying the breeds that originated.

German Shepherds as well as Blue Heelers are known for their strength, bravery as well as their intelligence, athleticism loyalty, and protection. These characteristics make them excellent guard dogs. It is possible for the hybrid offspring of their breed to display the same traits as well.

This is what makes it Blue Heeler German Shepherd cross an intelligent dog, ideal for working and playing. But, it’s also likely to dig holes in the ground or chew on furniture, and even scratch wallpaper in the event that it is left alone for a prolonged period.

The Blue Heeler German Shepherd cross has a slim face and the traditional straight ears of its parents. Also, expect an outfit that is a perfect combination of the Blue Heeler’s distinctive blue hue and the German Shepherd’s brown and black fur.

It’s a large dog that has a sturdy build because it’s the result of two powerful dogs. It’s not easy to determine how large your German Shepherd Blue Heeler will be because Australia’s Cattle dogs are taller and the GSD is longer and taller. The hybrid dog you get will be anywhere between 18 to 26 inches tall, and 35-90 pounds heavy.

As both German Shepherd and Blue Heeler are both working dogs and their offspring require a lot of mental and physical activity to make it entertained. The boredom of this gentle dog into a destructive beast. It’s not the loudest dog, but it is a very vocal dog. The Heeler Shepherd cross is famous for barking when on its own for long periods.

How to groom your blue heeler with a German Shepherd

How to groom your Blue Heeler combined with a German Shepherd isn’t difficult. Although it’s got two coats that only require minimal grooming. However, you may need to spend more time grooming your dog’s hair in case you have inherited the GSD’s long coat.

This breed tends to shed lots of hair when it sheds its undercoat. If it is a model for its cousin, the German Shepherds, they may shed its coat in the springtime. Dog owners must take care to groom their pets every day during the shed period. Make use of a bristle brush since the dog’s skin is sensitive.

Fun facts about Heeler German Shepherd Mix

It is believed that the German Shepherd in particular has an interesting history that has made appearances in numerous films as well as other pop culture productions. The most well-known GSD has to be Rin Tin Tin the male German Shepherd who was saved from a WWI conflict region from a war zone by an American soldier. The soldier continued to instruct Rin Tin Tin, which led to the adorable dog appearing in more than twenty Hollywood films! It was said that at one time when he was a star, Rin Tin Tin was receiving more than 10,000 fan mails each as well every single week! Rin Tin Tin was truly a Hollywood Elite, and definitely a famous German Shepherd dog. The Blue Heeler on contrary has a few more wild ancestral ancestors. Did you realize that the Australian Cattle Dog actually has some Dingo blood? Dingoes, also known as wild dogs originate from Australia. They are an uncontrolled, wild breed that is seldom domesticated, if ever. Breeders of the original Australian Cattle Dogs incorporated Dingoes into their mix. A few Blue Heelers still sport some of that “wild” look to them!

Heeler GS Mix Health

german shepherd blue merle heeler mix
german shepherd blue merle heeler mix

The breed is generally healthy and is expected to live longevity of 11-14 years. But, as with any breed, there are some health issues likely. The German Shepherd has an increased risk of back issues due to the steep upward slope on their backs. You can see this in a variety of gsds.
dysplasia is also prevalent for both species, and so are certain eye conditions and allergies. Certain of these issues can be diagnosed however, others cannot be. To ensure you’re finding a healthy puppy make sure you get your pet from a reliable breeder or take an adult pet. For grooming, this breed will require regular brushing and patience in the case of shedding! The German Shepherd sheds a lot, particularly in the springtime. In addition, grooming and maintenance routines are normal. This breed is most likely to be a breed with moderate maintenance.

AreHeelers German Shepherd Dog Mixes able to make good Family Dogs?

This breed is an excellent pet for the family when the situation is right. Although they’re generally safe with children, they should always be monitored. The Blue Heeler’s tendencies to herd may result in the dog nipping at children while they run. The GSD’s aggressive nature could cause issues. However, this combination makes for an extremely loving and loyal dog companion. If the need arises they’ll be ready to defend their family members and make excellent watchdogs. If you have experienced this breed could make great family pets.

Kid-friendly, with caution, your Cattle Shepherd will be active when he is an infant and is likely to play with lively children, however, it is not always secure. Do not leave children alone with the dog. Additionally, this breed could be sensitive to noise, and disruptive children can cause irritation to it.

is Not an Apartment Friendly

It is believed that the Cattle Shepherd needs a lot of physical activity and is a very active mix. It should ideally reside in an area that has ample room to run around. It could be in an apartment if active enough, however, there are other breeds who are more suitable for living in apartments.

is an Excellent Guardian Dog and Watchdog

It is believed that the Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix will likely be a great watchdog, protective of the family, suspicious of strangers, and possessing the ability to hunt with a great deal. The Shepherds are excellent guard dogs. The Heeler is attentive and vigilant and is also able to be trained to protect.

Not recommended for Senior Citizens

This breed requires a lot of attention from a person and intense exercise throughout its time. If you have experience with dogs, particularly a fit and active senior and your time is yours, you can bring in the older pet from a rescue or shelter with a decent possibility of being successful.

A Fantastic Service, Therapy, and Working Dog

The Cattle Shepherd is trained to perform any task including providing support to those who have disabilities, emotional support such as search and rescue as well as drug and explosive detection and herding, therapy volunteer as well as providing comfort to nursing homes, etc. The dog in the film, Rin Tin Tin, was a German Shepherd!

Can be a good companion with other pets if trained properly

When the Cattle Shepherd is joining pets in the family Introduce it to the ground on a neutral surface. It is likely to appear as the Alpha, but you must be patient with it to discover its place within the pack of pets. Go to socialization classes and, ideally, before 14 weeks. Be aware of dogs who aren’t yours.

The most comfortable way to travel on a boat

The mix should feel at ease in the water. Its coat repels water and it is able to wipe most of it off. However, there’s enough left over to damage your car’s interior Make sure to dry it out after it has swum. Keep life jackets on hand for unexpected circumstances.

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