False Black Widow Spider

False Black Widow Spider

False Black Widow Spider The Genus ‘Steatoda’ has been confused with Black Widow spiders and therefore are referred to as True Black Widow Spiders‘. They are prevalent in people from all over the world. They are also known as false Black Widow Spiders are less hazardous for humans than black widows, but their bites can be extremely painful. (see False Black Widow Spider Venom below). Only the female is bitten.

false black widow spider bite
False Black Widow Spider

What is a false widow? appear like?

False widows (Steatoda sp.) can be confused with spiders known as black widows ( Latrodectussp.) and are often believed to be just as deadly. Both share a dark-colored and globular body.

The term “false widow” has been applied to species of the Genus Steatoda. The species of six are all the time throughout the UK.

The three most commonly used faux widows consist of:

  • The rabbit spider in the hutch 
  • The spider in the cupboard 
  • The noble and false widow 

Each species is distinctive in both size and color.


False black widow spiders have the same shape as widow spiders. Females are bigger than males and can measure up to 15 millimeters whereas males are up to 10 millimeters. The False Black Widow spiders possess large, bulbous stomachs that are round. The male’s body is smaller and more elongated than the female’s. However, the pattern of color is the same. However, not all Steatoda species look like widows – they have distinctive colors and are much smaller.


False Black Widow Spider

The Steatoda genus is often mistaken for Black Widow spiders and therefore called ‘ false Black Widow Spiders‘. They are common among people from all over the world. The false Black Widow Spiders are less dangerous for humans than black widows. However, their bite can be very painful. (see False Black Widow Spider Venom below). Only females bite.

The majority of False black widow spiders have brownish with light markings. In addition to the color distinctions that distinguish them from Black Widow spiders (Latrodectus), False Black Widow Spiders have teeth on their Chelicerae (mouthparts of arachnids), Merostomata (horseshoe crabs), and Pycnogonida (sea spiders).
are false black widow spiders poisonous
false black widow Spider

Noble false widows

It is the noble false widow that’s often reported and is the biggest of the three common species. It has a body length that ranges between 8.5 to 11 millimeters.

A noble and beautiful false widow first came to light within the UK in the 1870s, probably a stowaway aboard shipping vessels that carried cargoes from the home Madeira as well as the Canary Islands.

However, it has only been since the 1980s that this species has established a solid presence, with established populations across the majority of southern counties, though it is now expanding to the north.

Their webs are normally suspended at a minimum of 1.5 meters above the ground for their spiders the opportunity to chase flying insects. In houses, they are more likely to hide in kitchens and conservatories. Their webs form a tangle of threads. This is the hallmark of every false widow species.

Their body shape of theirs is usually described as skull-shaped”, which doesn’t aid their bad reputation.


False Black Widow Spiders can be typically located in fences, walls as well as the bark of trees. They can also be found often found in gardens and dwellings and wood and under rocks. They were originally native to southern Europe up to Georgia. Adults appear from June through November.

True Black Widow Spiders build a cobweb from an irregular web of silky fibers that are sticky. Like other spiders that weave webs, False Black Widow Spiders are extremely blind.

True Black Widow Spiders rely heavily on the sound waves that pass through their webs to help them orient their prey to them or to warn them of dangers like larger animals that could harm or even kill them.

The False Black Widow spiders do not appear to be dangerous, and the majority of injuries to humans occur result from defensive bites by spiders that are accidentally perturbed. There is a possibility that a few bites can occur if a spider mistakenly identifies the smack of a finger into its web to be its normal prey. However, the majority of the time, any intrusion from a large creature can cause these spiders to run away.

True Black Widow Spiders are growing in number across The United Kingdom due to global warming.


There are a few varieties including False Black Widow Spiders that feed on Black Widow Spiders along with other spiders considered dangerous to humans. False Black-Widow Spiders typically consume crawling insects, particularly arthropods (sowbugs as well as pillbugs).


False black widow spiders can mate in the spring. The females can produce up to three eggs or cocoons from May to July. Each sac may include 200 or more eggs with a cream color. Although males can last for as long as 18 months, the females die within a few days after mating. The stages of immature spiders are found in human-made structures all through the year, and so can adults.

how big are false black widow spiders
false black widow spider

FALSE BLACK WIDOW SPIDER VENOMThe bite of it’s the False The Black Widow spider isn’t usually experienced, but within a short amount of time, a burning sensation will be followed by a radiating pain. After 20 minutes the area affected will expand and form edema.

If the hand is bitten Within 3 to 4 hours, swelling will appear and tingling can be felt. Two tiny puncture wounds will be found in the area of swelling, which is then surrounded by unusual redness on the skin. A small blue-blue tinge will develop within a couple of hours.

However, bites from those of the False Black Widow spider typically don’t have lasting effects. The symptoms that are associated with the bites of various False spider species of the Black Widow have been described by the medical community as steatodism and are described as a less serious form of latrodectism (the symptoms of the bite of a widow spider). Redback Spider antivenin is effective in treating bites caused by False Black Widow Spiders after it was administered to a victim of a bite that was believed to have been bitten by a much more deadly Redback Spider.

The number of bytes received of False Black Widow spiders has been increasing as the species expands across the east and south of England.

False Black Widow Spider

This false-black widow can be located in the coastal states in the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific regions. It is a frequent spider that is found in homes and other structures.

Theridiid–Cobweb Weavers

Eight Steatoda species are found throughout the United States, including S. Grossa, which is found on the coasts of the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific regions. It is a frequent spider that is found in homes as well as other structures throughout the western and southern states. It creates an unruly web and is believed to prey on other spiders like the Black widow spiders. The female Steatoda spiders are believed to live as long as six years (males are believed to live for up to an entire year and a half) and produce many offspring.

how big are false black widow spiders
false black widow spider


Like the real false black widow fake black widow female ranges from between 6 and 10.5 millimeters long, However, it doesn’t have the red hourglass design on the abdomen’s underside that is more oval in comparison to the genuine black widow. In the majority of specimens, the abdomen is a dark brown to black color, with light greyish or pale yellow marks. In some specimens, the markings are faded and difficult to identify. The cephalothorax has a red-brown color with legs slightly darker.

Life History

The spider’s mat in the spring. The females may produce up to three eggs, also known as cocoons, between May and July. Each sac may include 200 or more eggs that are colored cream. While males may last for as long as 18 months, the females pass away within a few days after mating. All stages of immature as well as adult spiders can be seen in human-made structures all through the year. Outside, spiders are seen on the foliage of low-growing plants or under the bark, in crevices in rocks, and underneath bridges.

The closely similar closely related species is S. Borealis has a similar shape and coloration, but is slightly smaller. This spider is most common in northern states (Pennsylvania including) and is found in homes throughout the year.

Medical Importance

False black widows cause symptoms like, but less serious than those that result from an actual black widow bite. There have been documented cases of Steatoda bites that result in blisters on the area of the bite as well as a general feeling of ill-health that lasts for days. The symptoms may also include severe to moderate pain that gets worse in an initial half an hour (did don’t include diaphoresis) and, occasionally moderate to mild nausea, headaches, and the feeling of being tired. The duration of the symptoms and symptoms varied between one and 60 hours.

Mistaken identity

Many other spiders can create confusion in gardens and homes throughout the UK.

One of them that is the most well-known include the sector weaver missing ( Zygiella x-notata) and the webbed spider of lace ( Amaurobiussp. ).

These two species, along with false widows, are common across the UK. The latter species is also known as a biter, but with the same (or perhaps less) discomfort as a result with only a few lasting signs.

Web spiders with lace webs are often seen outdoors, creating their webs on sheds, fence walls, and other junk lying around.

The absent sector orb weaver but, it is an indoor spider. The majority of houses in the UK will likely be home to this species. This is one of the few spiders that survive winter and feed so long as there are plenty of food sources available.

false black widow spider removal
false black widow spider

Do you have to be wary of a fake widow?

There are more than 600 species of spiders believed to reside within the UK. There are only 12 species that are listed as species that have bit humans.

If you do find an insect, the chance is it’s an ordinary, harmless British spider.

False widows aren’t the dangerous spiders that they are often believed to be.

While false widows can possess a venomous bite the venom itself isn’t very powerful. The most common symptom is pain in the area that can radiate due to the bite. The typical duration is between one and twelve hours, but it rarely lasts longer than 24 hours.

Most of the time, the symptoms are not any more painful than the pain that comes from an itching.

Males are more susceptible to biting. This is because they leave their nest to search for the right partner, and are often into the dark to find females. They can only bite when provoked or caught against the skin.

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