Hamster In The Wild

Hamster In The Wild

There are more than 20 species of Hamsters that are closely related to lemmings, voles, and mice. Five species are commonly used as pets. Hamsters that roam wild are common across most parts of Europe in addition to Asia. Hamsters are all nocturnal or active in the evening. They have poor eyesight, however, their sense of touch and smell, … Read more

Ugly Rat ( With Pictures )

Ugly Rat The cute and fluffy animals typically get all the attention. But in this gallery, we show some of the world’s most bizarre and bizarre Ugly Rat which are not just discarded, but also threatened. Nature is an incredible thing but not every animal is as adorable as a panda or as gorgeous as an … Read more

cute rat

Cute Rat Top 20 With Cute Names

These adorable pet rat pictures demonstrate just how cute and cuddly these creatures are. Cute Rat: Photographer of pets Diane Ozdamar has been fascinated by pets for as long as she remembers. She’s been documenting her pet animals for years trying to break the stereotypes of grotesqueness with her cute images that are playful and fun. … Read more