Can You Board A Dog In Heat?

Can You Board A Dog In Heat?

Can You Board A Dog In Heat? It’s not surprising that borders must meet certain requirements for all prospective guests. It’s true that if the dog is unwell or is insufficiently old, or has significant behavior issues, it’s natural that a boarding establishment would not want to accept their needs. As a dog’s owner, you’re likely to avoid taking your dog to a boarding facility under such circumstances. But what happens to the menstrual cycle of your dog? If she’s not spayed, and her menstrual cycle falls at the exact time you must board her What are your options?

Can You Board A Dog In Heat?
Can You Board A Dog In Heat?

A Simple Question

The process begins with a straightforward question and you should inquire if the prospective facility for boarding has experiences with dogs on the heat cycle. The cycle is a normal element of the lives of most dogs therefore it’s certainly not something that is unique or unheard of for your dog or any other dog boarding establishment. If you’re wondering if the boarding establishment has the experience and protocols to follow when it comes to dogs in hot weather and shedding, the answer is likely to be yes, however it’s essential to inquire. What kinds of procedures could be used?

Solo Accommodation

Separate, individual accommodations are beneficial and they will allow your dog to be able to remain in peace away from others (male) dogs, whose enthusiasm in her maybe a bit frantic during her cycle of heat. Separated kennels for females may be a good idea, however, this depends on the breed of your dog. The hormonal changes that occur during the heat cycle could cause changes in behavior, which can sometimes make female dogs less hostile. If you notice this with your dog, then a single-room accommodation could be best for her (not to forget your best interest and that of other dogs in the center).


While a solo home can provide the necessary peace and quiet for your pet during the heat cycle, you need to ask about any rules that are in place to exercise. Does your dog also get individualized exercise or playtime with staff members? If there is to be any interaction

with dogs in playtime then you must inquire whether the boarding establishment uses dog heating diapers. These diapers form a physical barrier that stops mating, similar to the chastity belt used by dogs. If your facility doesn’t make use of dog heat diapers think about supplying your own, with the instructions that your dog wears the diapers if she comes in contact with male dogs in the facility.

A dog’s boarding in the hot temperatures is safe for your precious pet, provided that all the necessary protections are in place and it’s a matter of finding a boarding establishment that has these protections.

For more information on pet board and pet care, call an animal boarding establishment close to your home.


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