Blue Nose Pitbull – Complete Rare Breed Owners Guide

blue nose pitbull
blue nose pitbull

A Blue Nose Pitbull is a rare breed of Pitbull and is the consequence of recessive genetic mutation which means that they are born with a lower gene pool. A lot of people see this Blue Nose Pitbull as a distinct breed, however, they’re a more rare variant that is a part of Pitbulls. American Pitbull Terrier, which is often referred to as Pitbull or Pitbull. Pitbull and Pit.

Blue Nose Pitbulls originated as an outcome of breeding Old English Terriers Old English Bulldogs when people were looking for a dog that had the strength of a Bulldog and the fervor for the Terrier. They are now misinterpreted as Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Bully Dogs, and American Staffordshire Terriers.

If you’d like to know more about this fascinating breed of Pitbull Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Blue Nose Pits.


Pitbulls are known as dangerous dogs. This has led to them being banned in a variety of countries, and even some states within the US. Blue Nose Pitbulls aren’t recognized as such by The American Kennel Club (AKC) as a breed of dog, though they are recognized as the American Pit Bull Terrier breed.

But, despite their reputation, there’s very little evidence to show that they are an aggressive breed. Sure, they are on the list for fatalities involving dogs however, the amount of deaths is so low that evident that just a handful of dogs have displayed indications of aggression.


As we have mentioned earlier, Blue Nose Pitbulls are the result of breeding Old English Terriers and Old English Bulldogs. They were initially bred in England to use for bear and bull-baiting, and that is why they’re regarded as extremely aggressive in the present.

Fortunately that in 1835, these gruesome combat sports were banned. But, it is well-known that to this day Pitbull dogs are often used in dogfighting which is illegal throughout both US as well as the UK.

Despite their fame, they are not a popular breed. Blue Nose Pitbull has been well-known for its strength loyal, loving, and smart dog. Find out about Blue Nose Pitbull’s traits and behavior.

blue nose pitbull puppy
blue nose pitbull puppy


A Blue Nose Pitbull Puppy can cost between $750 and $2000 depending upon the breeder. They are very like other Pitbulls in their appearance and characteristics, however, their distinctive color makes them more costly.

Always remember to buy the Pitbull from a trusted breeder to ensure you’re receiving a healthy animal.


As we mentioned earlier The Blue Nose Pit looks very like other breeds that Pitbull within the same breed. They’re muscular and stocky and have an angular heads. Blue Nose Pitbulls can weigh anything from 30 to 50 pounds.


Blue Nose Pitbulls sport an elongated coat that feels silky smooth. They are not groomed as much but shed during the period of shedding, so this is something to keep an eye out for if allergic. We’ll go into more details about cleaning your Blue Nose Pit below.


The most notable aspect that is prominent in Pitbull’s Blue Nose Pitbull is their color. The uncommon blueish-grey color is not only seen on the coat but the eyes, nose skin, and toenails. Some might have white marks on their face and chest as well. It’s like other Pitbulls that have attractive colors, for example, The Red Nose Pitbull.


Despite their reputation for aggression that suggests they’d make great guard dogs, however, your Blue Nose Pitbull is most likely to prefer to play with an intruder than protect your home.

As with the majority of Pitbull Terriers, The Blue-Nose Pitbull is very affectionate, warm, and friendly. If properly trained they are the perfect pet for family and are known to be extremely sensitive to children. Since they’re active, they possess lots of energy and enjoy hiking and running, as well as playing. the perfect pet to take walks with.

They enjoy being around people which means that they aren’t happy when left to themselves. Their jaws are strong, which means they’re great chewers and they’ll be able to get their rage out of being left to themselves by chewing your furniture! They also enjoy barking due to the same reason.

It is believed that the Blue Nose Pit can be extremely emotional, and could cause some stubbornness. With the correct training, you’ll not notice any undesirable behavior or emotional outbursts from these dogs. We will go into greater detail on training these dogs later on.

Their loyalty to their owners means that the Blue Nose Pitbulls have become increasingly popular as therapy dogs in the US. While they’re faithful, they don’t have strong territorial or protection instincts. Because of this, they can get along well with anyone, even strangers.


The life expectancy of Pitbull’s Blue Nose Pitbull is anywhere between 8 and 15 years.


It is believed that the Blue Nose Pitbull has a distinctive, gorgeous coat that is the product of recessive genetics. However, this lighter coat could be the reason behind certain health issues which aren’t seen on other Pitbulls.

Blue Nose Pitbulls are more likely to be suffering from certain skin diseases and allergies when compared with other Pitbulls. They also have a higher chance to be afflicted by allergies, deafness, immune disorders poor vision, cataracts as well as Alopecia and heart disease than other Pitbull Terriers. However, many of these ailments are caused by breeders themselves due to poor breeding.


blue nose pitbull puppies
blue nose pitbull puppies

You now know the traits and personality of the Blue Nose Pitbull can be let’s look at what it’s like to be a part of and with one.


The medium-sized dog breed requires about 30 calories per pound of body weight. That makes their daily intake of calories between 900 and 1800 calories. A Blue Nose Pitbull can vary in size from 30 to 60 pounds, with males typically bigger than females.

The food that you provide your Blue Nose Pitbull needs to be balanced, just like any other dog. Dry kibbles are the ideal dog food to feed this dog.

You should always refer to the reverse of your food packaging to find out how much of a particular food you need to feed your Pit as a rule of thumb, it should be about 1.5 or 2.5 cups each day, divided into two portions.

The amount of food you feed them will vary depending on the type of food, size, and the years of age of your dog as well as its overall health and level of activity as well as other variables.

Keep in mind that Blue Nose Pitbulls are slender and muscular, however, this shouldn’t only mean they’re overweight. It should be possible to detect a waistline and be able to feel the ribs.


It is believed that the Blue Nose Pitbull is an extremely active and energetic dog, which means it is recommended to walk them for about 60 minutes per day. They are a lot of fun playing games, specifically “fetch” and their high intelligence makes them great in brain games. They do come with the “off” switch and will desire nothing more than to lay back and snuggle after an exhausting day.

It is a Blue Nose Pitbull will an ideal exercise companion and you can run, jog, or walk with you. The right amount of daily exercise can stop Your Blue Nose Pit from getting bored and engaging in destructive behavior.

They love digging too So if you can define a section of your backyard to allow the dogs to dig, it will help keep their natural urge in check. They also love jumping high into the air.

Before purchasing or adopting the Blue Nose Pit, double make sure to check with the local authority or council to find out if Pitbulls are allowed in your region. We’ve discussed this before they are viewed as being aggressive and therefore are restricted in certain zones. It would be a shame to bring your Pit home and discover that they aren’t allowed to go for walks!


Blue The Nose Pitbulls are affectionate and loving and are great pets for families. Contrary to their name they’re quite soft, which makes them ideal for children, particularly young children.

They are energetic and active They will do well in homes in which they can get plenty of exercises. They don’t want to be left on their own for long periods and you’ll need to ensure that you are as attentive as you can to keep them from engaging in undesirable behavior.

Due to their energetic nature and the desire to dig, having a huge space to play around will be beneficial to them as well.

Although the Blue-Nose Pitbulls are great companions to humans, it’s important to remember that they don’t always enjoy being around other pets in the family. It is worth thinking about this before introducing one to your house.


Training for a Blue Nose Pitbull can be simply due to their superior intelligence. Although it is simpler than a young puppy to teach, and it is recommended to begin your training the moment you take your Pit home Training an adult Pit isn’t difficult either.

Blue Pitbulls are well-receptive positively to reinforcement. This can be achieved through rewards like rewards and praises verbally. Do not use punishments when you train your dog, as it will not help the dog or you — and could cause more harm!

Training is a crucial aspect of having a dog, and it is particularly important for those who own the Pit. While Pits are often regarded as being among the more aggressive breeds of dogs, once they’re trained, they’re an absolute pleasure to be around. Training helps them understand the behaviors that are expected and what are not which makes them gentle and loving pets that aren’t very aggressive!


The socialization of your Pitbull is as crucial as training him. Although they might not be the greatest fan of other animals or dogs they can get along well with people, particularly children. This is because BlueNose Pitbulls are tough dogs with an amazing tolerance to pain. So even if children are excessively rough with them, they will not be a problem! Of course, you’ll need to supervise your Blue Nose Pit around other human beings when they meet in the very first place, but it isn’t a problem.

Engaging the Pit with other pets and especially dogs is essential. This will ensure that they are not a danger to other dogs due to their prey-driven nature. If you introduce them to other dogs when they are puppies and they are not a threat to other dogs, they shouldn’t have any issues later in their lives when it comes to socializing with other dogs.


Blue Nose Pitbulls are a simple grooming regimen and don’t take much effort to maintain them in the top state. Because their blue coats are shorter, it doesn’t become matted or tangled nor does it require trimming. So all you have is to brush it at least once a week.

During the time of shedding your dog is likely to shed, and the amount you have to clean them up will increase to stop your house from becoming full of hair.

Since they are active dogs Blue Nose Pitbulls require a bath every couple of months to ensure their coat is in top condition. They’re not the best at controlling the temperature of their bodies, therefore you must ensure that they’re not overheated or cold based on the temperature outside.

Also, you should check the eyes and ears of your pet for signs of infection or illnesses. The ideal timing to perform this check is while they’re cuddled on the couch with you. It is essential to stop tooth decay or other diseases.

Be on the lookout for any skin issues that could be a result. Due to their pale complexion because of recessive genes they have, they are more susceptible to skin allergies. So, keep an eye out for any cuts skin sores, or rashes, and go to the vet whenever required.



Blue Nosed Pitbulls are known to have an image of being extremely aggressive, due to their background in fighting. Although they rank high on the list of dog bite-related deaths, the number of fatalities is a tiny fraction. Blue Nose Pitbulls are considered to be among the gentlest and most loving breeds, particularly when they’re properly trained.

They are extremely loyal to their owners. They have a great relationship with other dogs, even strangers, and make their wonderful pet dogs, and even the best guard dogs!

Therefore, the answer is no If they’re properly trained and raised in a loving family, Blue Nose Pitbulls are not dangerous dogs.


As we said Blue Nose Pitbulls can be extremely loving and gentle creatures. They enjoy being around people, particularly children and children, which makes them great pet dogs for families. Because they are so loyal, they’ll just like to snuggle with you on the sofa Don’t expect them to be fierce guard dogs!

Blue Nose Pitbulls are very active dogs and are ideal for families who enjoy being outdoors and exercising. They are great for on walks, hikes, or runs as well.

Naturally, the manner you conduct your Blue Nose Pitbull behaves is dependent on how you train them, however generally, they make excellent family dogs.


While they’re known as fighting dogs that are aggressive Pitbulls are loving and friendly family dogs. Blue Nose Pitbulls which are a unique variation from Pitbulls of the American Pitbull breed is not different. They would love nothing more than to spend with you all day long.

Athletic and energetic, they love exercise and spend time outdoors. They are a joy in a home setting where they’re always around people. They require little grooming and, even though they’re susceptible to health problems, they make an excellent pet for families.

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