Black German Shepherd Everything You Need To Know

Black German Shepherd- All Facts About Black German Shepherd

German Shepherds are quite recognizable. Even if you’ve not owned one German Shepherd, you probably have a clear idea of what they look like. But that color black German Shepherd is much less known. The color is very rare and is not accepted by all major breed clubs.

Presently currently, the German Shepherd as a whole is considered to be the second most popular dog breed in the United States according to the AKC. They slowed down somewhat following WWII because of their ties with Germany. However, they have since risen substantially in popularity.

The majority of German Shepherds wear one coat pattern, which is black and Tan. However, fully black German Shepherds do exist. It isn’t because of crossbreeding, but the gene that allows for fully black coats is passed on in Purebred German Shepherds. This is a lot rarer than the normal coloration but it is not uncommon. They are highly sought-after and costly, even though they aren’t able to participate in dog shows.

solid black german shepherd
solid black german shepherd


Black German Shepherds possess several of the same physical traits as other German Shepherds. They share the same body and can grow to roughly the same size as a purebred German Shepherd.

Males typically weigh between 65 and 90 pounds, while females weigh between 50-and 75 pounds. They are considered medium-sized to large dogs So, consider whether you’re in a space that’s suitable before deciding to adopt one. Many people don’t think about the size of these dogs before adopting them and regret their decision afterward.

Their height ranges between 22 and 26 inches. This is the case for males as well as females. They aren’t likely to differ significantly in height, however, males tend to be larger.

Black German Shepherds appear black. The majority of German Shepherds have at the minimum, a small amount of black. However, German Shepherds are all black. Their coats are generally identical, except for their distinct color. The double coat helps keep them warm and clean. As dogs who work These canines were designed to be productive and that shows.

The coat color is recognized as a color by AKC. It’s not due to crossbreeding as some myths claim. It is an uncommon color that few German Shepherds can get. It came out only very recently, and it is often promoted by selective breeding.

The gene that produces the solid black coat was previously thought to be recessive, many people believe it is dominant. It’s not that it is “covered” up by other genes, it’s just that it does not exist in the majority of dogs.

They are always dark-colored eyes. Blue eyes are uncommon and typically indicate that the dog is a mix of breeds in his pedigree like Huskies.

In addition to the color, the Black German Shepherd’s body appears similar to its tan and black counterparts. Like all German Shepherds the ears are usually upright, but the ears of adult dogs are occasionally seen.


In 1859, the generally herding breeds of Europe were divided into several distinct breeds, such as the German Shepherd. German Shepherd. In the 1850s, there was a plan to make dog breeds more uniform and to promote characteristics that promoted herding sheep, including speed and endurance, strength, and the ability to think.

But, there were still varieties in different places. The slight differences in inbreeding have resulted in slight differences in shepherds.

After the industrial revolution and the rise of sheepdogs, the need for them declined, along with the number of predators. A lot of people didn’t keep sheep any longer, and those who had sheep didn’t have a huge need for dogs to keep them.

Luckily, at this point, the public was already aware of the ability and intelligence of the herding dogs that had been used previously. The shepherds from Germany were considered to be the “perfect working dog” by many because of their intelligence and strength.

It was the first German Shepherd that didn’t appear until the year 1899 when a dog called Horand Von Grafrath, a stray dog rescued by the name of Von Stephanitz. In 1899, the Society for German Shepherd Dogs was founded in the year 1899, with Honrand as the principal model dog. The breed standard was raised. In only a few generations it was clear that the German Shepherd was one of the most popular breeds around the globe.

The honor was the father of many puppies. The majority of German Shepherds we have today descend from his. There was a lot of inbreeding which helped create what is now the German Shepherd breed we know in the present. In particular, a lot of Conrad’s pups were bred together.

The Black German Shepherd has likely existed in some form as long since it was first introduced. However, a lot of dogs don’t carry the black gene completely. Many German Shepherds were completely black. have been likely killed when they were born because of the deficiency. Nowadays, the gene is experiencing a reoccurrence.

black_ German shepherd
black_ German shepherd

Personality and Temperament

Indeed, the German Shepherd is often considered to be a dog with a strong personality. But this isn’t entirely accurate. They do possess strong defensive instincts since they were originally designed to guard sheep flocks. The dog’s primary goal was to guard the sheep, they will likely continue to be guardian animals even now.

The bite force of the German Shepherd isn’t much more difficult than other breeds. For example, it is said that the German Shepherd has an average bite force of 1,060 newtons. Other dogs are in the same category also, including those like the Rottweiler, Pit Bull, and Labrador Retriever. A majority of dogs that are around this size will have similar bite forces.

German Shepherds are thought of as being moderately active. They require about the same amount of exercise as other dogs of similar size. For example, the German Shepherd will need a similar amount of exercise as a Labrador Retriever or Siberian Husky.

The breed is known for being extremely loyal to its family and is simple to handle. If trained properly they’ll pay attention. But, they also possess innate instincts to protect. If you’re looking for a be a dog who will protect your family members, this is the best option. The canines require extensive interaction with their owners from the age of a puppy, but. If they don’t, they could become too cautious of their family and the territory they reside in.

These dogs aren’t the most friendly. They like people but not when it comes to strangers. They are generally uncomfortable with strangers. At best, they avoid them completely. In other instances, they could appear to be uneasy.

German Shepherds possess a high prey drive. One side of that means you can easily encourage them to play with the help of a tug toy or ball. However, it is a great need for care for those who have small pets as well as their shepherd. Although your dog may not outright fight with a cat or a smaller dog, he may accidentally hurt them while playing.

Training and Exercise Needs of a Black German Shepherd

German Shepherds are relatively easily trained. They are very sensitive and loyal to their masters. Contrary to other breeds of dogs that are not attentive to their owner in the majority of scenarios in real life. They can master a variety of commands with ease and can follow the commands when asked.

However, these dogs require training. If they don’t, they may be overly cautious and possibly dangerous. Their ease of learning allows them to meet this requirement quite easy, but. We suggest puppy classes beginning from a young age. These classes will provide you with the extra socialization your dog requires in addition to allowing you to begin your dog’s training.

If you can properly engage these dogs in socialization when they are still puppies generally, you do not need to think about private lessons. We recommend private classes only for dogs who are too sensitive to strangers and other dogs to be successful in a group. Most often only German Shepherds that were not socialized appropriately when they were puppies fall into this class.

If you decide to adopt an elderly German Shepherd that seems in need of socialization, we suggest attending private classes with a seasoned trainer. It is possible to guide your dog on basic commands, and then begin to socialize them with pets and people who are safe. Your trainer will be able to guide you with this.

It is said that the German Shepherd is a more active breed and black German Shepherds aren’t distinct. Although there are many active dog breeds available These dogs are ideal for those who are active. They require at least two walks of medium to long duration every day. Puppies will probably require additional playtime too.

black_ German shepherd
black_ German shepherd

Health and Care

German Shepherds are fairly healthy, as purebred dogs go. However, they can be susceptible to some health issues. A lot of them are due to the breeding which occurred in the early stages of the breed, making certain traits that were previously uncommon more prevalent.

Black German Shepherds aren’t recognized to have more health issues than their black and tan relatives. Their coat color isn’t related to any specific health problem or any other issue of this kind.

It is essential to buy these dogs from a reputable breeder as they are likely to perform a variety of health tests on every dog they intend to breed. This helps them identify the signs of illness and choose the most healthy dogs to produce a litter. Numerous health issues can be reduced or eliminated through careful breeding however you’ll probably have to consult an animal breeder to acquire the best results.

We recommend that you purchase a German Shepherd that was bred to be a working dog, not one that was bred to be an exhibition dog. The two breeds of dogs are a bit different because they were created for two different objectives. Show dogs tend to adhere largely to the breed standard, which can make them more susceptible to diseases they get.

However, working dogs were raised with practicality in mind.

Common Health Issues

Black German Shepherds are more prone to various health issues. The same is true for the German Shepherds with a black and tan color which is why dogs with black fur tend to be more prone to developing health problems.

A lot of German Shepherds suffer from the condition of elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia. The disease is caused when the socket and ball of the joint don’t meet correctly and cause excessive wear and tear. In the end, it can cause symptoms similar to arthritis, however at younger age arthritis generally develops. The majority of the time, this happens in the puppy years as the dog grows but they don’t exhibit symptoms until later.

There are several ways pet owners can take to lessen the risk of developing elbow and hip dysplasia with the German Shepherd. The overfeeding of puppies is the most well-known reason for hip dysplasia since the hip joint of the dog could begin to grow rapidly because of the increased calories consumed. Excessive exercise can cause a significant impact on their hip joint, therefore we do not recommend a lot of exercises, especially for puppies.

A lot of canines are suffering from degenerative spinal stenosis. One study revealed that as high as 45 percent of German Shepherds suffered from this condition in their adult years. But, this study had an extremely small sample size, and therefore, it might not be 100% accurate.

Positively, German Shepherds are less likely to suffer from an ear infection than other breeds. They have overactive glands for producing cerumen which stop the growth of bacteria within the ears of dogs.

Degenerative myelopathy can be found frequently in German Shepherds to indicate that they have likely to be predisposed. It is possible to test DNA to determine the dog’s genetic predisposition for degenerative myelopathy. The test is expensive and breeders often perform the test on their dogs before breeding, as well as on their puppies once they’ve been born.

If the test is utilized frequently, it is easy to get rid of this breed. Simply don’t breed dogs with a genetic disorder.

Von Willebrand disease also occurs at a higher frequency among German Shepherds than the general breed of dogs. They are probably predisposed genetically to the disease.

Exocrine pancreatic dysfunction is common in German Shepherds, too. The condition is generally treated by medication and pancreatic supplements. It’s most likely genetic, which is why health tests and tracking pedigrees are essential to eliminate it from the breed.

solid black german shepherd
solid black german shepherd


The frequency you’ll need to brush your Black German Shepherd depends largely on the coat type. Medium-coated dogs need only brushing twice or three times each week. This prevents tangles and takes dust and dirt off the coat of your dog.

Long coats should be being brushed every day at least to avoid mats. If not, your dog’s coat will get tangled up and might require help from professionals for grooming.

Due to the double coats that dogs have, different coat types shed lots of hair. Don’t get the black German Shepherd unless you can manage lots of hair. Even if you clean your dog every day but they still shed all over the place. Every two years they’ll “blow” their coat, which usually means their shed rate will rise significantly. It usually happens during the fall and spring but it may be contingent on the climate in your area. The reason for this is hormones and not just the weather. So, dogs like these will suffer from blowouts, even though they aren’t in a region that has four seasons.

Adopting a Black German Shepherd

German Shepherds are fairly popular throughout the United States. It’s not all that difficult to locate a typical German Shepherd breeder somewhere near your home. However, it is not the case that all breeders have black dogs. Most of the time, you’ll need to look for a specialist in German Shepherds with black coats to take the puppy.

Since these dogs are rarer than their usual colors, likely, they will not be frequently available. The majority will be more expensive than a black and tan German Shepherd due to their rareness. Many people are looking to own a black German Shepherd This means that you’ll need to prepare to pay more. The available stock can’t satisfy the demand quickly.

It is possible to spend anything from $800 to $2,000 for a top-quality fully black dog. It’s a lot more expensive than the $500 to $1500 that you’ll spend on a typical German Shepherd. But, it’s considerably cheaper than what you’d think for the size of a dog. Being a typical breed generally, they’re less expensive than the majority.

To give you an idea For comparison, for comparison, a French Bulldog costs anywhere from $3000 to $5,000.

It is tempting to make a sacrifice and get the cheapest puppy. However, this isn’t advised, particularly in the case of German Shepherds. The puppies require socialization as soon as when they’re born. Most breeders invest this effort and time.

It’s not the case for every dog, though. Puppy mills are designed to produce as many puppies as they can, which means their dogs aren’t socialized. Some don’t even enter a home until they’ve been adopted.

Backyard breeders might keep their pups inside, but a lot of them do not know how to interact with them properly. Although breeders make it an effort to invite people from outside to their homes and let children play with the pups, however, the majority of backyard breeders won’t make this a priority.

We strongly recommend purchasing puppies from breeders with years of experience. In the event of a mistake, you could be left with an unsocialized puppy with a temperament that is difficult to handle.

Always inquire about the pedigree of your parents, and also the health tests the breeder has conducted. Don’t be afraid of asking for the parents’ CHIC numbers which allow you to review the health of their dogs on your own. If your dog does not have a CHIC number, it means they aren’t checked for health and registered.

Request to meet the parents, it is possible. In some cases, the father may be in another location which means that only the mother is at the breeder. In this situation, the norm is to only see the mother. You can learn the traits of a breeder by the way they care for the mother and puppies, so make sure to inquire about their conditions of living.

Parents must also be AKC register, and you should inquire about registration. However, AKC Registration doesn’t mean that the dog is healthy. mean any dog to be top-quality. Each German Shepherd can be registered regardless of a health test. Registration isn’t even a way to determine if a dog is purebred as the AKC only requires a form that lists who the puppy’s parents were (which breeders can very easily falsify).

solid black german shepherd
solid black german shepherd

Experience Level for Owning a Black German Shepherd

We recommend these dogs only to dog owners with experience. It is recommended that you have been a dog owner for at least a year before this one. It is suggested that you have some prior experience with active dogs as well. A Shih Tzu will not make much difference in preparing you for the demands of a German Shepherd.

They’re very active and energetic. If they do not get the right amount of exercise, they could easily be destructive. In reality, the most destructive behavior seen with the German Shepherd is due to the lack of stimulation.

German Shepherds require lots of training too, so it’s best to be handle by a person who has train dogs previously. They are very easy to handle, and you don’t need the expertise in any way.

If you’re considering purchasing a German Shepherd, we highly suggest taking the time to take a look at the amount of effort these dogs need to do. They’ll require some time in their early years and require up to an hour or so of exercise by themselves. They aren’t that suitable for the average dog owner.

The Bottom Line

Many people think they are King Shepherds, the Black German Shepherds are 100% purebred despite their unusual coloration. They cost more than their black and brown counterparts. But, they have gained the attention of many pet owners.

The AKC indeed recognizes the black German Shepherd as an official color. But, you don’t have a lot of these dogs due to their rarity. It’s likely to take some time to discover a pure black dog So be prepared to wait on waiting lists.

Despite their distinctive colors, These dogs are like different German Shepherds. They share the same temperament and are well for guarding. But, they’re not ideal for a family. You must be prepared to train them and properly socialize them. They will require a bit more effort than other breeds, however, it’s worth it a the final.

We suggest these dogs to serious pet owners who have previously had dogs. German Shepherds aren’t suitable for casual dog owners. They require someone who can be committed to their education and demands.

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