11 Largest Eagles in the World (with Pictures)


Eagles are a huge birds, but certain species are larger than others. The largest eagle in the world is enormous by all measures however, some species are fairly large even as predators. Of course, some birds are bigger, such as marabou storks or pelicans. However, this doesn’t detract from the incredible size of some species of eagles.

We’ll glance at 8 of the largest eagles in the world in terms of their mass. These are amazing birds that can be breathtaking to observe in person or through photographs.

11 Largest Eagles in the World (with Pictures)

Steller’s Sea Eagle

largest eagles in the world
largest eagles in the world

The Steller’s sea eagle weighs around 15 pounds, although certain species have been discovered to could weigh as high as 20 pounds. In terms of weight, it is the largest eagle that exists. If you’re using wingspan or other measurements it could be smaller in comparison to those of the Harpy and Philippine Eagles, but. It’s all dependent on the measurements you’re considering.

The eagle is dark brown in plumage, and sharp yellow beak as well as talons. They’re unique when it comes to eagles. They are found in the coastal region of northeastern Asia and a lot of them eat fish, but they do occasionally take on other species of waterbirds. As their name implies, they prefer to be in the water.

There are a variety of populations across their entire area. The largest is located situated on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, in which about 4,000 birds live regularly. Due to population fragmentation, they are considered to be vulnerable.

Philippine Eagle


largest eagles in the world
largest eagles in the world

The Philippine Eagle is thought to be the largest eagle based on certain measurements. They can weigh as much as 17.5 pounds with 10 pounds being the norm. They’re similar to Steller’s sea eagle, in the majority of instances. They have the biggest wingspan, however. They are smaller and smaller and less bulky.

Also known as the monkey-eating eagle, they feed on monkeys. The species is native to the Philippines as the name implies. They can be found only throughout the Philippines in a few specific locations. They don’t have a large range and are considered extremely endangered, mainly because of the massive destruction of their habitats in their already limited range. In the event of killing a Philippine Eagle is punishable by the law with a maximum of 12-years in jail. They are highly protected birds.

Between 180 and 500 birds remain in the wild, although the actual number could increase to around 600 due to the conservation effort.

Harpy Eagle

largest eagles in the world
largest eagles in the world

The Harpy Eagle is regarded as the eagle with the most weight and is by certain measurements. But, the harpy eagle weighs less than the Steller’s sea eagle as well as the Philippine eagle. They’re extremely large and have a wide wingspan, however.

This is one of the strongest raptors to be found in the rainforest. It is not the most powerful, though. It is usually found in the rainforest of the lowlands in the canopy above. It once was quite widespread. Due to declining populations, its range has been significantly reduced. Yet, the birds are considered to be threatened because of their substantial remaining number.

While eagles are considered top predators, however, they can be snatched by big cats such as the Ocelot. Their main diet is comprised of living in trees, such as sloths and monkeys. The majority of their diet is composed of sloths.

White-Tailed Eagle

largest eagles in the world
largest eagles in the world

The white-tailed Eagle is large. The species of eagle that is commonplace is widespread throughout temperate Eurasia. They can be found in west Greenland in the east, as well as close to Japan. Their vast range means they’re not the most feared category.

Despite their wide geographical range, they often build nests in certain locations because of human activities. They aren’t very social birds and generally stay from human settlements. The eagle is considered to be threatened or endangered in certain nations, because of pesticides and other human-related actions.

The birds are found most of the year in the vicinity of large-scale water, like freshwater lakes and the sea. They require huge old trees, cliffs, or old trees to nest in. They are predators of the highest order however, they can also be scavengers they can. They are primarily fish eaters, but also other water birds.


Martial Eagle

largest eagles in the world
largest eagles in the world

The eagle that fights is found in sub-Saharan African Africa. They are among the few members belonging to an eagle species due to their feathering over their tarsus. This is the upper portion of the leg. They are a predator that is opportunistic and will devour all kinds of animals and birds as well as reptiles and reptiles. They don’t have a preference.

They use a distinctive hunting method that is different from other species of eagles. They swell up extremely high and then dive into their quarry at a high speed. They live in the forest areas of the Savanna. Their small size and habitat have led them to be threatened

They can be quite aggressive and have been known to strike hang gliders. They could damage the structure of these gliders using their claws. They could even attack and damage drones that are not piloted.

Although they are a preferred habitat they are capable of adapting. This has enabled them to flourish even when many other eagles have been placed on the list of endangered species. But, their numbers are declining due because of the loss of their habitats.

It is among the few eagles on this list who practice siblicide. This is when the biggest of the hatchlings kills its siblings or eats all available food available, leaving them starving to death.

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